Coaches Membership Update Part 4

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Coaches Membership Update Part 4

Continuing our updates to the Coaches Membership today we are pleased to announce more ways to learn the Lead ‘Em Up exercises.

Exercises are now updated with THREE options to learn the lesson plans: Watch, Listen, or Read!

Over the past few years of doing live training with teams some of our exercises have grown and changed from how we originally wrote them. We teach them a little different in person than how they are written because we have learned different methods/subtle changes that create more impact or engage players better. We wanted to bring those changes to everyone.

We have taken our notes, experiences, and feedback from coaches and players we have started to update the lesson plans for our exercises. Today we have the first batch of those updates complete! If you check out any of the below exercises you may notice they look a little different. Some of them have more significant changes and some of them are subtle tweaks.

But we have not only updated the written part of the lesson plans.

With how busy coaching is sometimes there is not enough time to read and digest the lesson plans in front of a screen. We heard from many coaches that they would like the option to listen to or watch the lesson plans. So we added that!

We have recorded an audio version of each lesson plan so you can listen to the exercise’s lesson plan and get all of the needed information to be able to teach it.

We have done the same for creating a video version of the lesson plan so you are now able to watch us teach you the lesson before you teach it to your players.

This is the first batch of these updates, we will continue to update more of the exercises over time, but wanted to get these out to you the moment they were ready so you could start using them.

We hope these new ways to learn the exercises and lesson plans help make it easier for you to incorporate Lead ‘Em Up into your seasons.


Updated Exercises

Have fun and #LeadEmUp

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Have your Players Ever Come Out Flat?

Have your Players start every game off with the right balance of energy and focus!

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