2023 Coaches Membership Updates

Jan 16, 2023

The Lead ‘Em Up team has been working hard to enhance our Coaches Membership. Our team is confident the updates will take our membership to the next level and give coaches everything they need to build something truly special.

We have over 20 updates we are finalizing which will make our Coaches Membership the best product experience to date for our members.

Sneak Peak

Here’s a glimpse at some of the updates we have coming your way.

  • New exercise portal design
  • Video teaching for every exercise
  • Audio podcast teaching for every exercise
  • Updated written lesson plan for every exercise
  • NEW At Home Section (to connect parents)
  • NEW Coaches Reflection Section
  • Special access to our Lead ‘Em Up branding kit
  • Updated Welcome Kit for all new users and renewals
  • NEW Green Team Framework Section
  • NEW Followership Series Section
  • Green Team Framework Purchase Option
  • Custom Team Leadership Plan
  • Spotlight Page (featuring all our Green coaches, athletes, and teams)
  • NEW Social Media Bar – spotlighting all the great work our teams are doing
  • NEW #GOALS section
  • New Posters available for Athletic Program wide purchases
  • Member Referral Program
  • Enhanced Connection Page
  • NEW Lead ‘Em Up Exercises – exclusive for members only

And more!

Stay tuned in as we begin sharing when these updates become available.

We are excited to make 2023 your best Lead ‘Em Up experience yet!

Have fun and #LeadEmUp




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