Setting the Table for Green Flags

Social Media plays a critical role in the lives of young people.  It serves at the epicenter of conversation (did you see what so & so posted on social?), as a tool to establish ones identity and for how others often will view them.  When we discuss social media with those around us, we almost always center the conversation around what they should avoid posting, things that are inappropriate to post or things that could be viewed as a “red flag”

We think what could serve to be more beneficial is if we took time and turned our focus on the things they should be posting, the things that’ll add value to themselves and others, essentially the “green flags” to allow our social platforms to thrive.  

In this exercise we’ll allow the green flags to guide and lead our social media activity to help us use the powerful platforms to serve as an extension of our leadership.  

"“I’ve always been told what not to post on social media but prior to green flags I had never really been told what I SHOULD post. This helped change my entire mindset in relation to social media.”"
Senior – Student Athlete – New York High School

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Green Flags Shareable Graphics

Share these in the locker room, coaches office or on social media.

Green Flags Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • Green leaders may experience red moments, but they don’t _______.
  • What are the four major identifiers that help us identify if a Green classmate is simply having a red moment?
  • What does it mean to feel convicted?