Our social platforms are essentially today’s resumes. It’s the avenue through which people learn about us, familiarize themselves with us, and display who we are. Students need to be intentional and thoughtful with their social media to help ensure it adds value and doesn’t hurt them. In this exercise:

  • Students will gain an understanding of what a healthy social media account should look like
  • Students will become reflective assessing the social media accounts they see online
  • Students will start developing the habit of producing healthier social media accounts
"I’ve always been told what not to post on social media but prior to green flags I had never really been told what I SHOULD post. This helped change my entire mindset in relation to social media."
Senior – Student Athlete – New York High School

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Lesson Plan

Student Growth Areas

Exercise Length

Additional Resources

Shareable Graphics

Share these in the locker room, coaches office or on social media.

Quiz Questions

Exercise Slides

Powerpoint slides ready for you to use

Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • What’s the difference between a Green Flag and a Red Flag?
  • What are the five core areas that represent F-L-A-G-S?
  • The greenest of social platforms are the platforms filled with ______?
Quiz Questions

At Home

Coaches, use the below question, reflection, and action to engage parents, guardians, and other family members in the lessons learned in this exercise.

Suggestions on how to use: Email to parents the day you have taught this lesson, add it to the materials you send home, or text it to text message threads with your players.

  • Question: What does a Green Flag post look like?
  • Reflection: If someone were to audit your social media posts, what flag would they say represent your posts?
  • Action: Share post ideas that could represent F.L.A.G.S. on your social media platforms.
Quiz Questions

Teacher Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on the lesson and how you can lead by example to your students. 

What do you primarily use social media for? Brainstorm some ideas on how you can better use your social media platforms which leaves others smiling more, feeling inspired, and more encouraged.
Special Assignment

Special Assignment

Divide the class into three groups. Have one group focus on Red Posts, one group on Gray Posts, and one on Green Posts. Each group is to create a poster illustrating their assigned post. Have each group present their poster to the class and then display it in the classroom or in the hallway outside your classroom.