The Most Engaging Professional Development Your Team Will Ever Experience

your team will be performing better than ever

A Training Unlike Any Other

Your team will engage in a unique blend of professional development and team performance training.

Combining dynamic role-playing, insightful team discussions, interactive exercises, and thoughtful teaching, your team will experience a training unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

“Lead ‘Em Up has been a consistent part of my team’s leadership development and driver of our workplace culture for years. Lead ‘Em Up is so good!”

Kayla Smith | Owner/Operator | Chick-Fil-A

Focused on “People Building”

Our trainings are often labeled as “team-building” but we believe we are “people-building.” We believe if you build the people, the people will build the team.

When you develop the people to demonstrate the right character, behavior, and mindset, they will create a culture and work environment that’ll lead your organization closer to winning.

“Bringing in Lead ‘Em Up was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner”

Kenneth MacFawn | Owner | White Rabbit Gastropub & Rad Pies

When You Experience Lead ‘Em Up
Teams Become Stronger

What you will see from your team as a result of participating in Lead ‘Em Up

An Elevated Culture that moves your organization closer to “winning”

A shared language that unites and aligns your “Green” team

More engaged, communicative, and collaborative team members

A connected team that supports and uplifts each other’s performance

Team Members who become enthusiastically “All-In” in growing the organization

“Go for it”

“Couldn’t be happier with the result”

“Huge drastic change”

“This is life changing to me”

“Lead ‘Em Up has become such a critical part of our culture we have all new employees go through the training during their on-boarding. It’s been a game-changer for us”

Jen Wiles | Division Manager & Director of Training | Bellwether Insurance Partners

Originated in Sports,
And That’s a Good Thing

Since 2015 we’ve been helping build Championship People and Championship Sports Teams across the country.

We’ve seen firsthand the approach to building winners on the field, also builds winners in the workplace.

The tenets of hard work, selflessness, encouragement, supporting others, competitiveness and enthusiasm that are needed to be successful in sport, we infuse into the workplace to help you win and beat the competition.

“The language and unique teaching approach resonates with our team and helps us get all on the same page. Our team members regularly ask for more Lead ‘Em Up training”

Dave Posin | Owner | SOLDIERFIT

Lead ‘Em Up Works for
Every Type of Business







Colonial Jewelers

“After our first training we were so excited and couldn’t wait for more”

Sarah Robey | Owner | Colonial Jewelers