Turnover to Thriving: The Impact of Lead ‘Em Up Professional Development on Schools

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Turnover to Thriving: The Impact of Lead ‘Em Up Professional Development on Schools

In the past year alone, Florida saw over 10% of its teachers leave the profession. This problem isn’t only in Florida; it’s happening all over the country. The focus is often on how to make learning fun and engaging for students, but we can’t forget about the teachers. They are the backbone of our schools, and helping them grow is key to having great schools.

The Power of Professional Development

Professional development for teachers is more than a few training sessions. It’s a process that unites teachers, improves the school culture, and gives teachers life. School leaders are struggling to build strong teams, especially after many teachers leave. This is where strong professional development programs like Lead ‘Em Up can help.

Good professional development should inspire and motivate teachers. It should give them useful strategies they can use in their classrooms. The goal is to move away from boring, traditional training and create experiences that are memorable and portable.

Building Consistent and Lasting Development

One big problem with traditional professional development is that it’s often inconsistent. Schools bring in different speakers throughout the year. This can be helpful but doesn’t create the solid foundation needed. At Lead ‘Em Up, we believe in the importance of continuous and deep professional development.

We work with teachers over a series of sessions, building on each one to help them grow and improve. This approach not only makes the initial training more effective. It also ensures positive results throughout the school year.

Real Stories, Real Impact

We see the impact of our professional development in the stories teachers share with us. For example, at a recent district-wide meeting in New York, we met a teacher who had been working with Lead ‘Em Up for several years. Even though she was recovering from knee surgery and thought about taking the day off, she decided to come because she didn’t want to miss the session. Her dedication shows how valuable and engaging our professional development can be.

Transforming the School Experience

Investing in professional development can change the whole school experience. Here are four key areas where this happens:

  1. Better Relationships: Professional development strengthens relationships not only between students but also between students and teachers, creating a more connected and supportive school community.
  2. Fewer Negative Behaviors: By focusing on positive behaviors and what students should do, rather than just what they shouldn’t, we create a more positive school climate.
  3. Improved Campus Life: A thriving school culture benefits everyone, from students to staff, making the school a more enjoyable place to learn and work.
  4. Better Training for Teachers: High-quality professional development gives teachers the skills and confidence they need to excel, leading to better outcomes for students.

Intentional Choices Lead to Transformation

Creating a thriving school environment doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intentional choices and a commitment to ongoing growth and development. With the right training and a thoughtful approach, schools can create an environment where both students and teachers thrive. This intentional approach brings energy and life into the school day. It improves mental health and satisfaction for everyone involved. Studies show meaningful professional development helps reduce stress and teacher burnout. Teacher retention is essential; schools cannot afford not to invest in professional development.

Investing in professional development is not only about improving teaching practices… It’s about transforming the entire educational experience. At Lead ‘Em Up, we are dedicated to helping schools achieve this transformation. Let us help you create a thriving, flourishing school environment that benefits teachers and students alike.

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