Leadership affects our every day interactions and experiences. As leaders, everything we say and do has an impact.

When leaders embrace the leadership lifestyle they show up the same way in the classroom, on the court, at home, at the office, and in public.

96 Times A Day 

Did you know the average person looks at their phone 96 times a day? Studies indicate people check their phones almost every 10 minutes.

This provides us with an opportunity to be reminded of who we are and how we should show up.

We’ve created special Lead ‘Em Up wallpapers for you and your team which will serve as a reminder to show up Green every day and Lead ‘Em Up!

Download Your Wallpapers

Click on an image to download your new Lead ‘Em Up wallpaper.


Coaches and Athletes, take a screenshot of your new wallpaper connect with us on social using #LeadEmUp