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Have you ever experienced any of these ALL TOO Common scenarios with your ATHLETES?

Poor Habits

Inconsistent and unhealthy habits affecting athletes’ performance and development

Lackluster Engagement

Lack of motivation and disengagement hindering active participation

Ineffective Communication

Poor communication skills leading to misunderstandings and conflicts within the team

Limited Self-Awareness

Limited understanding of personal strengths, weaknesses, and impact on the team

Fractured Relationships

Strained relationships, lack of trust, and division among teammates

Fragile Confidence

Low self-confidence and self-doubt impacting players’ decision-making and performance

Weak Self-Discipline

Lack of discipline resulting in punctuality, effort, and adherence issues

Diminished Enthusiasm

Decreased enthusiasm and diminished passion for the sport negatively affecting athlete engagement

Distracted Focus

Difficulty maintaining concentration and managing distractions during critical moments

All of these affect team performance and your team’s ability to succeed …to win.

How does the Coaches Membership help you Overcome these common scenarios?

We built 40+ dynamic and fun exercises based on these scenarios. We call these 9 areas Player Growth Areas.


Assisting athletes in establishing positive and consistent habits for their training and lifestyle


Encouraging and motivating athletes to stay fully invested and actively participate in team activities


Enhancing athletes’ communication skills, fostering effective expression, active listening, and conflict resolution


Cultivating athletes’ understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and impact on team dynamics


Building positive relationships among teammates based on trust, respect, and support


Instilling belief and confidence in athletes’ abilities to perform at their best


Promoting discipline and adherence to team standards, training regimes, and expectations


Reigniting and sustaining athletes’ enthusiasm and passion for the sport throughout the season


Improving athletes’ ability to maintain concentration and focus during training sessions, games, and team activities

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John Kelley

“Each year I try to find ways to incorporate more Lead ‘Em Up into our program. It’s been that much of a game-changer”

John Kelley | Head Coach, Quince Orchard High School

What is the Coaches Membership?

The Coaches Membership is a dynamic leadership and character program utilizing our unique teaching curriculum to engage and excite athletes into elevating their character and develop as leaders. When the leader improves everybody wins. For a leader to improve, they must continually develop their leadership skills.


Exercises Grid

As with any skill you are trying to improve, repetition is key. This is extremely true with leadership skills. Around the Player Growth Areas, we designed more than 40 leadership exercises. Each of the exercises has a theme and focuses on at least one of the Player Growth Areas. These exercises are specifically designed to engage Athletes at a high level.

9 Player Growth Areas

Player Growth Areas

We have identified the most important leadership skills for athletes. We have broken these down into 9 areas that we call “Player Growth Areas” or “PGAs”. We call them Growth Areas because great leaders need continual growth to be highly effective.

Green Team Framework

Green Team Framework

It all starts here. The Green Team is a revolutionary teaching concept and exercise that gets players to understand the need to grow as a leader and work to grow their teammates to the next level. It is the foundation of everything.

Memorable - Portable - Sticky

M-P-S Filter

Each exercise and teaching concept goes through our M-P-S filter (Memorable, Portable, Sticky) and then is Coach-Tested and Player-Approved prior to making it into our curriculum.

Jen Rizzoti

“In all my years, I haven’t seen a program engage athletes like the Lead ‘Em Up program”

Jennifer Rizzoti | President, Connecticut Sun & Team USA

How Does the Coaches Membership Work?

Once you have your membership you will be granted access to our dynamic library of exercises. Each exercise is designed to elevate specific aspects of your athletes’ leadership skills. We suggest everyone start with the Green Team. It will quickly become the foundation of everything you want to build in your team.


When Should I Start My Coaches Membership?

Yesterday! No, seriously it can be started at any time and you will begin to see improvement quickly. We suggest starting before your first practice, or in the off-season. By the time you start in-season practices, you have already built the foundations of your leadership. Everything else can then be built on those solid foundations. But it’s never too late to start, teams start and find success mid-season all the time.

Coach Nesmith

“My only regret with Lead ‘Em Up is that I didn’t use the program earlier”

Michael Nesmith | Head Varsity Football Coach, Paint Branch High School

…And all the support you need

Along with the 40+ Exercises, Player Growth Areas, and the Green Team framework, we have added all the support you need to make sure you and your team are able to build success.

Exercise Guide

Player Resource Videos

An overview of every Lead ‘Em Up Exercise in your Coaches Membership with the teaching time, focus Player Growth Areas, and description

Get to 12

Get to 12

When teams “Get to 12” sessions they experience a tangible transformation in their team, and their players feel it. Get to 12 are all the resources you need to get there.

Exercise Guide

Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips to help you maximize the Lead ‘Em Up program.



Six indicators to help you determine if your athletes are effectively going through the “Instillery” process and moving closer to winning

Player Commitments

Player Commitments

The commitments each player needs to embrace to be successful leaders

Language Guide

Language Guide

An overview of the terms and language used in the Lead ‘Em Up Exercises

Player Resource Videos

Player Resource Videos

5-minute videos to share with your players to help strengthen their leadership mindsets

Player Spotlight


A place for you to let the world know about a player or team who deserves to be spotlighted.

Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive

All previous Lead ‘Em Up webinars in one place for easy access and reference. These are great resources for tips and, best practices on teaching Lead ’em Up

Player Spotlight

Branding Kit

Official Lead ‘Em Up brand logos to use as you spotlight your Lead ‘Em Up activity on social media

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BONUSes !!!

We have included THREE extra tools in the Coaches Membership to help your team further build their success and take their performance to new levels.

Captains Course

Captains Course

Because we understand that Team Captains can play a unique role in a teams leadership structure, we have added the Lead ‘Em Up Captains Course, at no extra charge, to both levels of the Coaches Membership.

The Captains Course will help your Captains “earn their position” through our eight-exercise course.

The topics covered in the Captains Courses are: Humility, Character, Consistency, Relationships, Team Awareness, Encouragers, Communication, and Mentorship specifically geared towards captains and the special role they play on the team.

Player Growth Areas

Followership Series

Followership is the key to unlocking your team’s leadership. This is the companion series to the Green Team Framework that will support everything set up by the Green Team Framework.

Team Leadership Profile

Team Leadership Profile

As a coach, the Team Leadership Profile is a great tool you will have at your disposal to assess where your team leadership stands, and what areas need work, and give you the next steps to take to continue your team’s success or to solve problems before they get too big to handle.

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Go for the Gold

Free Exercise

In order to be your best, you need to show up your best. In the Mixing Board exercise your athletes will learn the skill to adjust the volumes of their energy and focus to create the perfect balance between the two.

Try out it our now to experience Lead ‘Em Up for yourself.

How Much Does it Cost?

Both Memberships include

  • Access to 40+ Exercises (the full Lead ‘Em Up Curriculum)
  • Access to our 8-Part Captains Course
  • A 30-45 minute virtual training session for your coaches or players
  • Green Team Starter Kit (MVG Trophies and 15 verified stickers)
  • New Content Releases
  • Customized Green Team Standards Card
  • Shareable Player Resource Videos
  • Quarterly Coaches Webinar
  • Access to Private Community
  • Year-Long Support and Coaching Consultation

“Lead ‘Em Up is like “Leadership Cheat Code” – they’ve figured out all the right buttons to push to get our athletes wanting to show up special”

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the curriculum designed for?

The Coaches Membership is designed to be accessed by a single coach/team. The Athletic Program Membership provides access for every coach in the building, all-sports, all-season.

What can our Coaches Membership Virtual Session cover?

You have the option of having these 60-mins be with your coaches or players. Many teams use it to talk through the program, discuss best ways to roll it out, ways to maximize it, etc., while other teams have us take their players through an Lead ‘Em Up team session. Your choice.

When should we start the program?

Today! Most teams in Lead ‘Em Up approach their leadership development with a year-long mindset, engaging in sessions during the season as well as the offseason. The biggest thing to consider is attendance. Start when you can best guarantee full attendance. Your players will begin adopting a unique leadership language, so when players miss it, they don’t understand the language.

Should it be with the whole program or just varsity?

That is up to you! Some use it with their whole program, while others reserve it strictly for varsity. There are pros and cons to both. Pros for the whole program: everyone experiences it, you start developing leaders early. Cons for the whole program: the larger the group the more distraction, it may reduce players willingness to participate, both teams won’t be going through and experiencing the same things so its tougher to personalize the session.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ Page.