Green Standards Pep Talk

Setting the Table for Green Standards

Often times teams discuss traits they want to operate according to, things like “hard working” “enthusiastic” or “supportive.” The Green Team helps you uncover what those “Green” (Money) traits are for your students.  Most groups establish the traits and then move on, unfortunately simply knowing the traits isn’t enough.  They need to be clearly defined as it relates to this group.

For example, lets say a class has determined “hardworking” is a Green (Money) trait they want everyone to honor.  Hardworking is very subjective and I’d imagine in your class each student has a slightly different definition of what working hard looks like.  So when it comes time to hold each accountable and honor the standard, everyone is working off a different definition.

What may be hard work for me, may not be for you, so when you challenge me that I should be working hard, I can answer “I am” because I am, according to my definition.

Teams need to have standards consistent and clearly understood by all members.  We all need to be on the same page.

Green Standards will help your class clearly define and communicate the standards of the Green (Money) traits so everyone is on the same page and to help each other effectively hold the standard.

"“The biggest thing about Green Standards was it gave us a CLEAR understanding of how we needed to show up.”"
Varsity Quarterback – Maryland High School

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Green Standards Exercise Reminder Card

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Green Standards Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • Green Standards help us avoid _______?
  • Green Standards need to be clearly _______ by all team members.
  • In order to be Green and build Green, we must first ________?