Teaching Tips

Before we begin here are ten Teaching Tips to help you maximize the Lead ‘Em Up program.


Introduce it well

Your students need to understand this is an opportunity and something we "get to do" not "have to do".

Commit to it

We strongly recommend committing 40-50 mins every week to intentionally work on team leadership.

Environment Matters

Find distraction free environments to host your Lead 'Em Up sessions. Classrooms are great!

Embrace Struggles

If you're students struggle with some of the exercises, that's ok! It reminds us repitition is key to success.

Raise Your Level

The better you teach the program, the more your students will grow. Have fun, be enthusiastic!

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

There will be teachable moments all around you; find them, teach on them.

Give a Heads Up

If you know you're going to have a student assist or volunteer; give them a heads up so they can prepare.

Reinforce, Reinforce

Continue reinforcing the themes after the sessions and feel free to teach exercises more than once.

Look to Enhance

As you go through an exercise, if you feel there's a way to enhance or strengthen an exercise, go for it.

Care Deeply

Love your students and let them know you care about them and their growth as people. Be sincere.