Set the Table

Listening is a skill many of our athletes need in order to be successful but don’t spend much time working to develop. Listening is a critical component in our learning process and is essential in our success as a leader.

In this exercise we’re going to move our players from just “listening” to “processing.” There’s a major difference.

Listening is going to happen whether our players try to listen or not. They can’t turn their ears off.

Processing is the act of putting thought to what you listen to and searching for ways to apply it. Leaders don’t listen, they process.

Build momentum with this exercise in getting your players to begin “processing” what they’re listening too.

"“I’ve never been very intentional with my listening. I’ve always listened but after thinking about it more, I almost never listen to the point of processing. This exercise has challenged me to listen more intently when my coaches, teachers, parents and friends are speaking to me.”"
Varsity Offensive Line Football Player

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Exercise Reminder Card

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Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • Why is listening essential to our success as a leader?
  • How is processing different from listening?
  • What happens in “adjustment to attention?”