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It is very difficult to become a detailed-oriented player if you’re not a detailed-oriented person. Sure you can turn it up a bit, but not to the level you could reach if you lived as a more detailed-oriented person.

In fact, it’s silly to think a person can go through all areas of their life and throughout their entire day not caring, not paying attention, relatively clueless to their surrounding and not focusing on the details (the small things), and expect to step on the field and become a player with laser-sharp focus. It’s not how you think. It’s not how your brain operates.

And the details matter. It’s often working on the details that allow good players to become great. It’s the details, the small things, that often separate the winners from the losers. There’s no quick-fixes. This is something you have to work on and be intentional to develop.

The Detail Grab Bag will help get each of us into the habit of becoming more detailed-oriented people which will help us become more detailed-oriented players.

""I've enjoyed being able to connect the Detail Grab Bag activities with our constant theme of focusing on the details. Our kids know details matter to us because we're working on it in many areas." "
High School Varsity Football Coach, Maryland

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Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

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  • It is very difficult to become a detailed-oriented player if you’re not ___________
  • What’s the result of not caring about the details?
  • What is the ultimate separator?