Our First Online Sale

Aug 7, 2020

It’s always an exciting and anxious time when you’re starting a business and shift from offering your services for free, and begin “charging” people for it.

Common questions go through your head: did I price it too high?  Will anyone buy? Is the content good enough to charge people for it?

August 10th 2015, we officially released our online program available for annual purchase and to our delight, shortly after we released it, we got an email notification of our first purchase.

Larry Hurd – at the time the Head Football Coach at Clarksburg High School in Clarksburg, Maryland, was the name on that notification, officially becoming the first person to sign-up for Lead ‘Em Up.

What a moment. It felt good, not gonna lie.

As a thank you to Coach Hurd, we offered a few free in-person sessions that season and what an experience it was. Momentum was absolutely created.

5-years later it appears our program has proven to be effective as Coach Hurd, now leading the football program at Walter Johnson High School, commits to 12-Lead ‘Em Up sessions every year, Thursday’s after-school for 60-minutes before stepping on the field for walk-throughs, like clock-work.

Shout-out to Coach Hurd. They often say the most important friend to a leader is the first “follower” – we appreciate you being the first and jumping on board.

And now knowing Coach Hurd the way we do, none of this is a surprise, he loves and lives to lead people. It’s what he does. It’s who he is.

Lead ‘Em Up is the perfect fit for people like that.

We want to provide you a tool to keep your players engaged, growing as leaders and continuing to feel connected to their team/teammates; The 21-Day Leadership Playbook. 

This FREE 21-Day Leadership Playbook is filled with various Lead ‘Em Up exercises, uniquely modified for players to do on their own, as part of a team-wide exercise.

Download your free copy right here! 

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