With the sports world on a break, we wanted to provide you a tool to keep your players engaged, growing as leaders and continuing to feel connected to their team/teammates; The 21-Day Leadership Playbook. 

This FREE 21-Day Leadership Playbook is filled with various Lead ‘Em Up exercises, uniquely modified for players to do on their own, as part of a team-wide exercise.

Here is our suggested rollout-plan:

– Coach receives the 21-Day Leadership Playbook via email (sign-up using the email form below – if you are a current Lead ‘Em Up member we will be emailing the Playbook directly to all members. Check your email inbox)

– Download the Playbook (a digital PDF)

– Send the Playbook to your players and pick a date for the team to begin the 21-Days.

– Assign a Team Captain (or a group of players) to be the team leader(s) for the playbook.  The Team Captain will be responsible for messaging the team reminders of what’s coming up each day, continual encouragement and keeping the momentum of the Playbook going through the 21-Days.

–  Use the #LeadEmUp hashtag during the 21-Days for all social conversation surrounding the Playbook.

The 21-Day Leadership Playbook will help your players enhance their communication, strengthen their self-discipline, build better habits, become a more detail-oriented player and develop a healthier mindset.  The players will go through 5-exercises during the 21-day period working on different parts of their leadership development.

We hope you and your players find the Playbook to be a valuable tool as you work to continue growing and staying connected during our sports break.

Although competition may be on-hold, our need to grow as leaders never stops.

Have fun and #LeadEmUp