Coaches Membership Update Part 3

Feb 24, 2023

Continuing our updates to the Coaches Membership as of today we are pleased to announce a brand new referral program for Lead ‘Em Up Memberships!

10% Off New Memberships
$100 Lead ‘Em Up Store Credit

One of the best endorsements for how the Lead ‘Em Up programs can transform your team is that coaches tell other coaches about it. We have seen coaches mention the program time and time again to other coaches. That has helped immensely grow Lead ‘Em Up to what it is today.

As a thank you to all the coaches spreading the word about Lead ‘Em Up and how it has helped their teams, we have launched a referral program for current users of the Coaches Membership or the Green Team Framework.

How It Works


To be eligible for the referral program all you need to do is be a member of either the Coaches Membership or the Green Team Framework. This includes both Single Team Memberships and Athletic Program Memberships.

Each Member or Member Group will have their own unique code that can share with other coaches and institutions.


We have made it easy to share your code with others. Just go to the Referrals Page located in My Account. From there you will see the sharing options. Those include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Email. You can also easily copy your code to share however you like.

Discounts & Rewards

We wanted to give a little something to the coaches and institutions you are referring. When new members use your code at checkout they will receive 10% off the Coaches Membership or the Green Team Framework for both Single Team and Athletic Program levels.

For the sharing coach or institution, we are offering $100 Lead ‘Em Up credit. This can be used on anything in the Lead ‘Em Up Shop, and most importantly it can be used toward your membership for next year! That’s right if you have a Single Team Coaches Membership and get four sign-ups using your code you will get Lead ‘Em Up at no additional cost the next year!

Again, thank you for helping make Lead ‘Em Up what it is, you and your teams are the best part of Lead ‘Em Up. We hope this helps spread the word and get even more Coaches, Teams, and Institutions utilizing the program and transforming their teams

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