Access the framework that will produce more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes in less than 30 days.

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Lead Em Up’s Green Team Framework is a proven system designed to transform your team culture and develop high-performing athletes in just one month.

This easy-to-implement system equips you with the tools to build a team of:

  • Committed Athletes: Who understand the value of teamwork and are dedicated to achieving shared goals.
  • Consistent Performers: Who show up prepared, work hard every day, and consistently strive for improvement.
  • Competitive Players: Who embrace challenges, push each other to excel, and never settle for mediocrity.

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North Muskegon
"Our team rode the Green Team momentum all the way through our State Championship win"
Caleb Parnin
Head Girls Soccer Coach - North Muskegon High School - 2021 Michigan Division 4 State Champions

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Included in Green Team Framework

Green Standards Card

12 Month Access

Green Standards Card

Customized Green Standards Team Card

Green Verification Kit

Green Verification Team Kit

MVG Trophy v2

MVG Trophy

Remove Red - Sway Gray - Build Green Poster

18 x 24 Remove Red, Sway Gray, Build Green locker room poster

Green Standards Card

Customized Green Team Score Card

Coach Nesmith
"My only regret with Lead 'Em Up is that I didn't use the program earlier"
Michael Nesmith
Varsity Football Head Coach Paint Branch High School

Exercises Included in Green Team Framework

Green Team

It all starts here. The Green Team is a revolutionary teaching concept and exercise that gets players to understand the need to grow as a leader and work to grow their teammates to the next level. It is the foundation of everything.

Green Awards

Green Awards will help your team on its quest to Be Green and Build Green. These three fun activities will reward your players and incorporate some elements of competition into the mix.

Green Standards will help your team clearly define and communicate the standards of the Green (Money) traits so everyone is on the same page and to help each other effectively hold the standard.

Green Team
Same Page

Same Page emphasizes the need to keep showing up day after day in order to build a special team. This exercise serves as an incredible tie-back to Rule 6 of the Green Team: “you have to fight every day to build a Green Team”.

Great teams hold each other accountable. We call that lifeguarding. It requires a group effort and in this exercise, players will learn how to identify warning signs, how to address them and bring their team back up to another level.

Same Page
The Six

Each player will be assigned a leadership teammate for the season. Throughout the year the players will participate in various exercises with their teammate; experiencing the opportunity to mentor, develop, and lead a specific teammate.

It’s normal to have red moments, but it’s not an excuse to live there. 40 Red Dash will help your athletes learn how to manage our relationship with red and improve their ability to stay Green.

40 Red Dash

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