Build more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes in 30 days

Through our proven framework you’ll witness your team change into a player led team, with greater accountability, better commuication, stronger relationships, and improved performance.


Can you relate?

Of course you can.

As coaches, we believe there is always a higher level our team can reach.

In order to reach that next level it is essential your players demonstrate the highest level of commitment, consistency, and competitiveness.

Have you experienced any of these behaviors:

  • Players who are “IN”, but not “ALL-IN”
  • Players who lack consistency
  • Players who don’t seem to care “enough”
  • Players who aren’t willing to hold teammates to a higher standard
  • Players who don’t exhibit the level of energy and enthusiasm needed to perform at their best

If you have seen any of these behaviors in your program then Lead ‘Em Up’s Leadership Framework is for YOU!

The success of your season is riding on this

Green Team Framework Success 1

You don’t want to go through another season with a team not reaching their full potential.

Our players need to show up each day at a high level in order to get our team to reach their full potential.

Unfortunately, players have a tendency to:


  • Miss practice
  • Give inconsistent effort
  • Show selfish behaviors
  • Inability to communicate well
  • Lack of focus on the details
  • Struggle to hold themselves and others accountable

Our Leadership Framework will help assure these player tendencies don’t show up in your program.

Welcome to the
Green Team Framework


The dynamic leadership framework producing more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes for hundreds of teams across the country.

Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith

Head Football Coach

“My only regret with the Green Team is that I didn’t incorporate the framework sooner. It’s been so great for our players”

Caleb Parnin

Caleb Parnin

Head Soccer Coach

“Our team rode the Green Team momentum all the way through our State Championship win”

John Kelley

John Kelley

Head Football Coach

“The Green Team Framework provided the accountability our team needed to win Back-To-Back State Championships”

Jennifer Rizzoti

Jennifer Rizzoti

Coach & Executive

“In all my years, I’ve never seen a tool engage athletes like Lead ‘Em Up’s Green Team Framework”



Committed Athletes

Who understand the power of going all-in and giving the program their best

Consistent Performers

Who show up each and every day at a high level and can be fully relied upon

Competitive Players

Who have a passion to get better and are willing to put the work in to get the results

How it Works

7 Parts | 30 Days | 3 Hours Total

1: Get access to the Green Team Framework

2:  Schedule with your full team 3 hours to roll out the framework over 30 days period (NOTE: This can be completed in three 1 hour blocks, two 90-minute blocks, or one 3 hour block)

3: Familiarize yourself with the 7 parts of the Green Team Framework

4: Take your team through the 7 parts of the framework

5: Start seeing your athletes become more committed, consistent, and competitive

Anything you want to see in your team has to be developed

All coaches want to see their players showing up and leading at a higher level.

We are never given those athletes, we have to build them …you have to build them.

It’s your responsibility as a coach to give them the tools, time, and resources to help them become more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes.

The framework will provide your athletes:


  • A clear understanding of what a high-performing culture looks like
  • Shared language to get everyone on the same page
  • An accountability structure that keeps the team performing at a high level
  • Built-in incentives that reward hard work and effort
  • A tracking tool to help ensure progress and success is being reached

Equip Your Team with a Solution That Works

What do you get?

  • 12-month online access to the 7-exercise Green Team Framework teaching portal ($249 value)
  • Green Team Kit (Most Valuable Green Trophy, Green Verified stickers, Green verified poster prints, and Lead ‘Em Up decals) ($79 value)
  • Custom-designed Green Standard Team Card ($49 value)
  • Over 20 Social Media Graphics to be used on your team’s social media platforms ($99 value)

Over a $450 value for only $99

The 7 Parts of the Framework

Same Page

Part 1: Green Team

understand what it takes to build a special team

The Green Team is a dynamic teaching exercise that provides players with an understanding of what it takes to build a special team. The players get introduced to our unique language and the seven Green Team rules. During the exercise players will score their current performance and begin the process of building their Green Team.

Same Page

Part 2: Green Standards

Align the Team to the Same set of standards

During the Green Standards section, your players will engage in a collaborative group exercise using what they learned in the Green Team exercise to creatively build out their Green Standards. The Green Standards will align the team so everyone has a clear understanding of what it means to be “Green” on the team. The Green Standards will be uploaded and produced in a customized Team Card each player will receive.

Green Awards

Part 3: Green Awards

Celebrate those who are living those standards

Once the rules of the Green Team have been communicated and the Green Standards established, each team will receive in the mail their Green Team kit which includes a collection of awards. The Awards will be introduced during the rollout but distributed throughout the season. The players individually will work to earn Verification status, at year-end, an MVG (Most Valuable Green) will be celebrated and select players will be eligible for our nationally recognized Green13 award.

Same Page

Part 4: Lifeguard

Implement a structure of Accountability

As the foundation of the Green Team continues to settle it is time to begin implementing the accountability structure. Your players will be introduced to a dynamic “Lifeguarding” teaching concept that will completely shift how they hold each other accountable. Your players will be provided with the tools, language, and structure to hold each accountable like never before.

Same Page

Part 5: My 6

Make sure no one slips through the cracks

To ensure the accountability structure is fully secured you will now introduce the “6” exercise. One of the players’ favorite exercises, this season-long exercise will provide an additional layer of accountability to make sure “no one slips through the cracks” and helps guarantee everyone stays Green, all season long.

Same Page

Part 6: Same Page

Build Mental Toughness …the fun way

This fun, interactive exercise is designed to illustrate the process of building a Green Team. Through the journey of building the Green Team, there will be ups and downs. The Same Page exercise will prepare your players to begin building the mental toughness and understanding of what it will take to successfully build their Green Team. Be prepared for laughs and the competitive spirit to come out in this exercise.

Same Page

Part 7: 40 Red Dash

Equip players with the tools they need to escape their negative attitude

We conclude the 7-part Green Team framework by working with the players to improve their specialized “Run from Red 40-Yd Dash” speed. All players have bad days, make mistakes, and have moments where they may show up “red” but the key is how you respond. In this innovative teaching, your players will be equipped with the tools to bounce back, get back on track, and “run from red.” This teaching may single-handedly win you one or two more games this season.


If you don’t see more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes at the end of those 30 days you get your money back.

What are the details

Once you purchase access to the Green Team Framework you’ll receive the following:


  • Access to the 7 exercises that make up the Green Team Framework. The exercises in the framework include our Green Team Foundation, Green Standards, Green Awards, Lifeguard, My 6, Same Page, and Red 40-Dash
  • A full library of content in video, audio, and digital formats to help you easily roll out the exercises to your players
  • Your Green Team kit which includes an MVG plaque, Green Verified Stickers, Green Locker Prints, and some special Lead ‘Em Up decals (Arrives within 1-2 weeks after purchase)
  • Access to your Quick Score tool to grade the current leadership, character, and culture of your program
  • Access to our full Branding Kit to help you build momentum around the Green Team Framework on your social media, team newsletter, etc.
Green Team Framework

This could be your team

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I gain access to the Framework?

After purchase you gain access to the Framework for 12 months

How Much Does it Cost?

$99/yearly …that’s it

Who teaches the Framework to the players?

The Coach. You can have the Head Coach or Assistant Coach facilitate the exercises and teachings to the team. Think along of the lines of a coach learning a new offensive set online or at a coaching clinic and then rolling it out with the team. Same approach here. We’ll give you everything you need to roll it out well.

What is the ideal age to use the Framework?

The Framework has been uniquely designed to produce more committed, consistent and competitive athletes as young as 4th grade through high level collegiate athletes.

What is the ideal sport to use the Framework?

All sports. If you’ve been following us you will see the Framework elevating athletes in sports ranging from football, cheerleading, lacrosse, cross country, basketball and more.

Can I have someone from Lead ‘Em Up rollout the Framework?

Absolutely. In fact we’d love to. Despite being able to roll out the program yourself, many coaches choose to have us come out and host a Campus Day or Training Camp and roll out the Framework with the team. If you’re interested in having us work with your athletes, email us at for more details and pricing.

What if I have multiple teams who want to access the Framework?
We have an athletic program option for $299 that you can select for multiple teams. For example, if you’re an Athletic Director (or maybe you oversee a youth sports organization) and want all your teams to gain access to the Framework simply purchase the Athletic Program package and you’ll receive a special username/password that allows multiple teams to access the materials.
What do I do with the Green Team kit?

The kit has all the Green Awards materials. In your online access in the Green Awards exercise, you will see the instructions on how to execute our Verification program, the MVG award and Green13 award nominations.

What if I don’t see the results?

First off, you will. If you roll it out as we’ve laid it out, you will see more committed, consistent and competitive athletes in 30 days. IF for some reason you do not see an increase in these three areas, email us at the end of the 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.

How are you able to guarantee the Framework actually works?

Great question! First off, we’ve been building the Framework since 2015 and during that time we’ve worked with thousands of teams across the country constantly tweaking, adjusting, and enhancing the Framework.

We’ve learned if you’re able to package together a clear vision with the right amount of shared language, sprinkle in elements of gamification and competition, layer in dual-levels of accountability, foster a spirit of player ownership through the process and show them how it will help them win, you will see players inevitably go ALL-IN.

And to quote our friend Coach Radigan, Head Football Coach of Francis Howell Central in St. Louis, “This Green Team Framework is like Leadership Cheat Code – they have figured out all the right buttons to push to get athletes leveling up”