Are You Asking Your Leaders This?

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Are You Asking Your Leaders This?

Are you asking your leaders to lead teammates that are challenging to lead?

On all of our teams there are players who are challenging to lead, even challenging for experienced leaders to lead, yet we expect our inexperienced leaders to have success leading them.

We have a plan to help those leaders; it’s called Followership.

We need to spend time improving the performance of the followers (p.s. which we all are) and moving them from a place of being challenging to lead, to being enjoyable to lead.

When you improve the performance of the follower, it improves the performance of the leader.

Changing the Perception

 We developed a 4-part exercise to develop higher performing followers. We want to enhance our athletes’ performance as a ‘follower’.


At Lead ‘Em Up we define followership as simply being on the receiving end of someone else’s leadership and responding favorably.

There is no negative to that approach.

As coaches and athletes, we should all want to be on the receiving end of great leadership. Coaches want great leadership from their AD and administrators. They follow their lead, and then effectively lead their team.

Our athletes can learn how to respond appropriately to leadership, whether they are in agreement or not. This is a skill which will serve them well throughout their lives.

Excel as a leader and a follower

In sports, and in life, we will all be a follower at some point and actively participate in the role of a ‘follower’. And in most cases, we will be in that role more often than that of leadership.

So, why not learn to excel as both a leader and a follower?

Imagine how much better your team would be if it were full of willing and encouraging followers.

How much better and more effectively would your leaders be able to lead if they had active and encouraging followers?

One minute you lead, next minute you follow. One minute you’re giving teammates advice, next minute they’re giving you advice.

One minute the coach is speaking and you’re listening, next minute the coach asks you for input and now you’re leading.

Players go from leader to follower, back to leader, back to follower, all day every day. The leadership on the team is constantly rotating.

As a result, we need to perform just as well as a follower as we do a leader. The good news is, when we perform well as followers, the leadership of those around us improves.

We’ve built a dynamic exercise series guaranteed to transform your team into encouraging followers.

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Have fun & #LeadEmUp

We want to provide you a tool to keep your players engaged, growing as leaders and continuing to feel connected to their team/teammates; The 21-Day Leadership Playbook. 

This FREE 21-Day Leadership Playbook is filled with various Lead ‘Em Up exercises, uniquely modified for players to do on their own, as part of a team-wide exercise.

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Have fun and #LeadEmUp

Have your Players ever come out flat?


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Have your Players Ever Come Out Flat?

Have your Players start every game off with the right balance of energy and focus!

Get your FREE exercise and get started with Lead ‘Em Up right NOW!