The Corner, Featuring Chloe Murdock

Apr 22, 2020

Player Name: Chloe Murdock

Year in School: Junior

Sport: Basketball/Softball

Name of School: Trion High School

Brief bio/summary from coach about player:

Chloe is one of the athletes that you just love to coach. She has a toughness about her that makes her easy to coach, and a drive to grow in the game that is rare. She is continuing to find ways to grow(both skills and leadership), even during quarantine. The best part, she is working harder and harder to help inspire her teammates to do the same.

Let’s Hear From Chloe

What has helped you develop the leadership mindset you have today?

My coaches helped me develop the leadership mindset by expressing to me their expectations and providing me with responsibilities. I also read articles about ways to become a better leader.

How do you think improving as a leader has helped you become a better athlete/player?

Improving as a leader has helped me become a better athlete, because it has shown me responsibility and allowed me to become more vocal with my other teammates.

How do you think improving as a leader has helped your team?

Improving as a leader has helped the team by allowing my teammates to hear from a fellow teammate. This also helps build our culture as a bulldog family.

Was there a moment where you recall “turning the corner” and realizing you had to take the next step as a leader?

Yes, this past season our team lost a few seniors who impacted the game in various ways. Once the season was over, I came to the realization that someone needed to step up to encourage our team to push themselves to be the best they can be to have a successful season next year.

What do you do differently now that you may not have done in the past as a leader?

In the past I was a more lead by example leader. What I do differently now is I reach out to my teammates and I am becoming more of a vocal leader on and off the court.

How do others view Chloe’s leadership growth?

Parent or teammate statements about player’s leadership growth:

Teammate A: I feel like Chloe has grown tremendously as a leader! She’s been there for people when they’ve struggled with personal things and she’s one of the people that other teammates can just warm up to and talk to. Personally if I’ve made a mistake on the court, she was there to help me fix it. She didn’t yell at me or use harsh words, she just told me what I can do better to fix it. When we’ve played pick-up and stuff, I’ve seen her go to an incoming freshman and tell them what they can do to get stronger and she’s helped them fix mistakes they didn’t even know they were making. I’ve also seen her go up to numerous people and give them advice, and she helps calm the team down when everybody’s upset. She’s just the person everybody will listen to!

Teammate B: Since the time I have been in high school Chloe has opened my eyes to many new things, and she is a leader on and off the court. Chloe is always the first one to pick you up when you’re down, she goes the extra mile whether you’re in a game or it’s just practice, and she not only strives to better herself but her teammates as well.

Teammate C: Chloe has really grown as a leader. Whether she encourages the team with group texts or introducing apps where we can improve our individual game, she is really motivated and determined to make the team better. Chloe is a great example of a leader.

Coach’s Response

Coach statement on player’s leadership growth:

Chloe has been a leader on the court for a couple of years. Even back when she was a 6th grader in middle school, she was a big part of how things ran. I am now seeing her grow to a level of extending that leadership to areas beyond the court. She is helping to shape and define our culture everyday!

How has Lead ‘Em Up has impacted your program?

So far, Lead ‘Em Up has provided our team with practical and helpful tools so that we can continue to grow both as individuals and as a team. We have said for the last couple of years, “Attention to Detail.” The 21-Day Leadership challenge gave us the opportunity to work on those details of life, outside of the sport. Since completing that, we have begun a workout regimen shared by Tucker Herzberg as a way for our team to physically grow and try to hold each other accountable. Lead ‘Em Up has been amazing during this time. As a coach, I would not have been giving my team the best opportunity to grow without these resources during this time.

Do you have a player worthy of being spotlighted? 

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