Read Receipts

Set the Table

There are two sides of the communication spectrum; the sender and receiver. Both have to perform in their roles in order for communication to work.

Oftentimes the sender will communicate to the receiver and they “hope” their message was received, but they don’t know with 100% certainty. Just like the purpose of a “Read Receipt” on a phone, which is to deliver a message back to the sender their message was delivered and received, we have the same responsibility to communicate back to the sender. Without delivering a Read Receipt the sender doesn’t have full confidence their message with received.

We need to get in the habit of doing our part as a receiver and always have our Read Receipts on. There’s no option to turn it off for us.

This exercise will help provide momentum built around a sticky theme to increase the quality of our listening.

"“This Read Receipt theme has completely transformed my perspective in communication. Prior to this, I never thought of the receiver having an active responsibility in the communication process.”"
Varsity Girls Basketball Player – Maryland

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Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • What are the two sides of the communication spectrum?
  • To deliver a proper Read Receipt you must do what 3 things?
  • When Read Receipts are delivered you move the sender to a place of ________ knowing their message what _________.