40 Red Dash

Setting the Table for 40 Red Dash

Through the Lead ‘Em Up program we spend a lot of time focused on being Green and building Green. It dominates our conversations… as it should.

But it does open up a question: is it ever okay to be red?

Is it ever appropriate or allowable to be red or have moments of red?

The reality is we all experience red moments; moments of frustration, annoyance, discouragement, moments where we need to look after ourselves first, etc.,

The difference between Green athletes experiencing red moments and red players having red moments is how long they live there.

From an athlete’s perspective using a 40-yard dash as a metaphor, you could say their “Run From Red 40-Time is Faster.” They’ve trained themselves to have a fast run from red 40-time. They experience red and then get out quicker than others.

Learning how to manage our relationship with red is critical and improving our 40-Red Dash time is essential.

"“This was such an important lesson and discussion for me. Our team spends so much time talking about green, I began to feel pressure that showing up green was the only emotion I could display. I felt I couldn’t be myself at times when I began to feel traits other than green traits. Understanding how to be red, manage red and respond to red, helped me so much.“"
College Freshmen Women’s Basketball Guard

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40 Red Dash Shareable Graphics

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40 Red Dash Exercise Reminder Card

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40 Red Dash Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • Green leaders may experience red moments, but they don’t _______.
  • What are the four major identifiers that help us identify if a Green classmate is simply having a red moment?
  • What does it mean to feel convicted?