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Coaches Membership Update Part 1
Our team at Lead ‘Em Up has been working hard to enhance our Coaches Membership. These enhancements make the Coaches Membership our absolute best product to date.

Our Coaches Membership provides everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, you and your team need to develop the leaders needed to win.

The next time you log in you will notice that the Coaches Exercise Portal looks a bit different. We are always trying to deliver the best experience to our coaches and provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to best build the leadership they want for your teams.


Green Team FrameworkOver the years of working with coaches and teams we found ourselves frequently going back to the same exercises as the starting points for all teams. These are the exercise that set the best foundation for building leadership and utilizing the Lead ‘Em Up program. We believe that the most successful teams have a strong foundation in being Green. This is why we have created the Green Team Framework. A series of exercises all focussed on building different aspects of the foundations of leadership needed for a team to be successful. We believe this is such an important aspect of the Lead ‘Em Up Program that we have given it its own section and ordered the exercises to best facilitate building your team into a green team.


We believe so strongly in the Green Team Framework that we want more teams to be able to experience the difference it will make for them. With that, we are extremely pleased to announce that the Green Team Framework is now available as its own membership! That’s right, if you have heard from other Coaches how Lead ‘Em Up has transformed their team but you were not able to make the commitment, we now are offering the Green Team Framework just for coaches like you. This contains not just the Green Team exercise itself, but six other exercises when combined will create a fundamental shift in your team.

The Green Team Framework is great for any coach looking to get started with Lead ‘Em Up. Roll out these seven exercises and watch the engagement, commitment, and accountability within your players rise to new levels.


FollowershipGreat teams not only have great leaders, but they also have great followers. Followership is the key to unlocking your teams leadership potential. We are thrilled to announce a dedicated series of exercises to enhance your players ability to be lead and instill this pivotal lesson in the new Followership Series.

Updates to the Tips, Guides, and Resources

We have updated and expanded our Tips, Guides, and resources with not just a new look and feel, but with new Resources and tools for you.

Updated Tips, Guides, and Resources Section

Along with the resources you will remember like the Language Guide and the Teaching tips, we have added three new resources:



This new resource will give you six indicators to determine if your athletes are effectively going through the “Instillery”, effectively instilling the Lead ‘Em Up lessons

Player Spotlight


We want to spotlight green players and green teams. Do you have a player or team who deserves to be spotlighted? We have made it easy for you to celebrate these players’ accomplishments. In the new Spotlight section, you can now add your player, players, or team’s accomplishments and we will spotlight them on our social pages.



Official Lead ‘Em Up brand logos and graphics to use for social graphics, reels, team notebooks, player’s guides, and game programs to help highlight the work you are doing.


This brand new tool is designed to give you easy access to connect you and your team to the global Lead ‘Em Up community like never before.

It’s the perfect place to have your team be celebrated and seen for its leadership growth by other coaches. A chance for you to connect with other coaches, join the community and engage in discussion, and grow your professional network within the Lead ‘Em Up community with likeminded coaches using the program.

If you are already a member be sure to log in today and check everything out.

And if you’re not a member, what are you waiting for? Join our global community and begin building your athletes into the leaders needed to win today!

Have fun and #LeadEmUp

Have your Players ever come out flat?


Have your players start every game with the right balance of energy and focus!

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Have your Players Ever Come Out Flat?

Have your Players start every game off with the right balance of energy and focus!

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