Happy Thanksgiving to you and your team on behalf of the Lead ‘Em Up family.

Before you eat today, whether it’s immediately before (during a toast or a prayer) or earlier in the day, together with your family go through the Thanksgiving Two-Step

What is a “Thanksgiving Two=Step?” – well Thanksgiving has two-steps to it; the Thanks and the Giving.

Go around the room and have each person share 1 thing they are thankful for this season.  Encourage everyone to share not just the “what” but also the “what about.” This will push for everyone to be more specific.  For example, “I’m thankful for my family.” That answers the “what” but have them answer the “what about” your family?

The second part of the Two-Step is the Giving – after they share the 1 thing they are thankful for, have them give thanks to a person in the room.  This can be as simple or as extravagant as the person wants to make it; the key is to offer up the affirmation of thanks and sharing from one person to another.  

We’ll be doing the Thanksgiving Two-Step, we hope you will to.  

Have a great day.

The Lead ‘Em Up family.