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5 & 5 Social Media Strategy

As we shift from one year to the next our minds start looking ahead.

As a leader with a growth mindset you’re most likely assessing and evaluating ways to make this upcoming year better than ever.

Utilize our 5 & 5 Strategy to help assure your social media consumption (which we all know is frequent) is one of the areas helping you grow and not holding you back.

During the course of each month selectively choose to unfollow 5 people.  Do this on each of your social media accounts.

Identify accounts that are unhealthy, have a negative effect on your mood, stir up jealous feelings in you, produce feelings of resentment or cause you to “waste” significant time and attention engaging with… and simply unfollow them.

Once you unfollow them, search for five new replacement accounts.  They say good is not good enough if better is an option; unfollowing negative accounts is good, unfollowing negative accounts and adding positive ones is better.

How do you define what’s a “healthy” account and what’s an “unhealthy” account?  How do you find “healthy” accounts?

Search For Accounts That’ll Help You Grow

Healthy accounts will vary from person to person.  Consider following people that are teaching you, inspiring you and building you.  Healthy things grow; search for the accounts that’ll help you grow.

How do you find “healthy” accounts?

Social media is full of accounts and follows that’ll help you grow, you’ve just got to find them.  Start here: find a few people you admire or you call a mentor and search who they follow. Click on various accounts and see what type of content they are producing and make a determination if they’ll be a person that’ll help you grow.

You can also search what other people are sharing or liking.  If those you admire are sharing or liking content, maybe there’s some value in those accounts.

Building a Growth Mindset 

Over the course of the year if you unfollow 5 accounts a month and follow 5 new accounts that’ll be a 120 account swing in your favor (60 added, 60 removed).  That is the type of swing that’ll take the couple of hours a day you spend on social media and completely transform it.

Should I just do all 120 accounts in January?  We don’t think so: 

For a couple reasons:

1) that’s a big, timely task to do all at once.  It would take you a couple hours and that’s potentially a big enough task for many not to do it.

2) you may not be able to think of 60 accounts to unfollow on each of your social media platforms.  You can certainly think of 5 accounts right now. As you go through the monthly process, this exercise will force you to begin evaluating who’s healthy and who’s unhealthy.

3) doing the task each month will continue reinforcing and building a growth mindset in you.

Why don’t I just get rid of my social media accounts altogether?

Well… I know that’s a popular theme at the beginning of a new year and it’s one I personally don’t think is beneficial.

When used in its proper context and managed correctly, you’re reminded why social media is one of the best innovations of the 21st century.  It enhances your ability to connect with others, ability to learn, see new things and inspire others.

Don’t run away from social media this year, embrace it, but embrace it in a manner in which it’s adding value and helping you grow.

Are you ready to commit to the utilizing the 5 & 5 Strategy?

The Lead ‘Em Up team is doing it; hope you’ll join us.

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