As Patrick Mahomes is getting ready for the Super Bowl he was asked this week “what’s allowed you to have so much success this early in your career?” to which Mahomes said the following:

“Alex Smith.  The stuff that takes quarterbacks their full career to learn, he taught me all that stuff in my first year and it helped me have the success I’ve had at such an early age.”

So here is the challenge we’d like to present; we’re calling it the Alex Smith & Patrick Mahomes Challenge #SmithMahomesChallenge 

It requires both a veteran player and an inexperienced player.  Or a veteran coach and an inexperienced coach.

The veteran player/coach needs to commit to mentoring, teaching & pouring into the inexperienced player/coach.  This is the Alex Smith part of the challenge.

The inexperienced player/coach needs to commit to allowing themselves to be led, listening intently, remain open to feedback and be hungry to grow.

This story Mahomes shared this Super Bowl week feels good and is something that could happen all around us but often doesn’t.  It doesn’t take place because there aren’t many players willing and desiring to mentor their peers like Smith did (especially if that person could take their job) and many of us aren’t willing to let ourselves be led in the manner Mahomes did.

Because of those dynamics, that’s what makes this a “challenge.”  So who’s up for it?

Tag your players and share on your page.  Lets push the momentum to build more mentors and mentoree’s on our teams.

Have fun & #LeadEmUp


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