Setting the Table for Enthusiastic Captains

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without a  strong spirit of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm adds 4-components to our team:  1) it creates a more fun environment.  Lets face it, practice, games, film sessions, etc… are all more fun when we have some enthusiasm.  2) enthusiasm raises our performance.  We all recognize in spirited, enthusiastic practices, we get much better compared to practices that have no life.  3) our enthusiasm gives us a competitive advantage over our opponents.  We’ve all be on the opposite side of a game where the other team has an enthusiasm and spirit that is impressive.  It may not intimidate us to the point we turn around, but we certainly see it and are aware of it.  That same advantage can be yours if you create it.  4) it’s controllable.  We have complete control over our enthusiasm.  In sports there are many things out of our control; weather, our opponents, playing conditions, referees, etc., so it’s essential you dominate (not just be good at) the things you can control.

This exercise is designed to engage and challenge the team to perform at a higher level of enthusiasm.

"“We always had a spirited, enthusiastic team but utilizing enthusiasm captains into our practice routine has taken everything to a new level.”"
Head Varsity Football Coach

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Enthusiastic Captains Shareable Graphics

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Enthusiastic Captains Exercise Reminder Card

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Enthusiastic Captains Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • Nothing great has ever been accomplished without a strong sense of _________________.
  • What are the 4 components Enthusiasm adds to our team?
  • Why is enthusiasm not one of the things out of our control?