Green Team

Setting the Table for The Green Team

In sports players understand the need for the team to be playing their best when it matters most.  Oftentimes players don’t understand the need for the team to come together when it matters most.  Teams coming together and leaders stepping up has always been an elusive goal for players to grasp; what does it look like?  What exactly is their role in the process?  There’s no wins or losses directly tied to it so players struggle understanding what’s needed.  The Green Team provides a frame of reference, offering measurable’s and gives players direction to help bring the team together when it matters most.  In order for our team to reach it’s full potential to be “money” (special) we need each of us operating in the green.

""After being introduced to the Green Team, I spent the next 45-minutes talking with my captains about it.  They began going through the roster identifying who they thought was in green, gray and red.  It created incredible conversation and inspired them to begin working to move everyone up a level.""
Head Varsity Football Coach

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An individual who actively demonstrates the traits of selflessness, enthusiasm, hardworking, humility, and positivity


An individual who is lukewarm with varying levels of inconsistency that is performing at a moderate level in areas of leadership & character

The Green Team Additional Resources

The Green Team Posters

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The Green Team Shareable Graphics

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The Green Team Exercise Reminder Card

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The Green Team Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • On average, teams start with what percentage in the Green?
  • If you are a floater, where do you go?
  • Gray is safe but nothing _______________.