Learning about your friends and classmates needs to be a continual and ongoing pursuit. Relationships are formed and strengthened when we get to know our friends and classmates better.

  • Your students will be given an opportunity to share their S.T.O.R.Y. allowing others to learn more about them
  • Students will get a chance to learn fun details about each of their classmates
  • Students will have an opportunity to learn something about a classmate with the hope and intention to use it to make their relationship stronger
"The S.T.O.R.Y exercise was the starting point for the relationship I built with one of my teammates… we had our snacks and restaurants in common and it helped us make an immediate connection. We both love to eat."
High School Football Player

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Lesson Plan

Student Growth Areas

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Shareable Graphics

Share these in the locker room, coaches office or on social media.

Exercise Reminder Card

To emphasize and reinforce the lessons learned in this exercise with your players, download and share this graphic with them 24 hours after completing the exercise.

Quiz Questions

Exercise Slides

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Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • We must connect with others in order to build a ____________ with them.
  • Why is it important to know your classmates’ STORY?
  • How does it make you feel when people are genuinely interested in getting to know your STORY?
Quiz Questions

At Home

Coaches, use the below question, reflection, and action to engage parents, guardians, and other family members in the lessons learned in this exercise.

Suggestions on how to use: Email to parents the day you have taught this lesson, add it to the materials you send home, or text it to text message threads with your players.

  • Question: What was your STORY that you shared with a classmate?
  • Reflection: How can knowing a classmate’s STORY help you build a strong connection?
  • Action: Choose one other classmate whom you will do the STORY exercise with this week and share what you learned about the teammate.
Quiz Questions

Teacher Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on the lesson and how you can lead by example to your students. 

What is your STORY? Take a few minutes to reflect on what your answers would be. How would knowing more of your students’' and fellow teacher's STORY help you create a more deeply connected school?
Special Assignment

Special Assignment

Have students create a visual representation of their STORY that can displayed in the classroom. This can serve as a great visual reminder to students of shared connections they may have with others that could lead to a friendship.