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In order to be your best, you need to show up your best.  Leaders are constantly working to find what it takes to show up their best. We call that a persons “sweet spot.”  And ones sweet spot is when they have found a high-performance balance between energy and focus. Players with great energy but no focus, lack the engagement & mental clarity needed to be successful. Players with great focus but no energy, lack the enthusiasm and spirit to be great. When you’re able to combine both and more importantly, take control of the levels for both, it allows you to turn them up & down, at opportune moments. During the Mixing Board exercise your players will learn the skill to adjust the volumes of their energy & focus to create the perfect balance between the two.

"“The Mixing Board helped me re-assess my preparation before practice and games. The illustrative concept presented was different than anything I had heard before.”"
Division One Womens Basketball Player – Guard

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Energy, hyped, fired-up

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Exercise Reminder Card

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Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • What does “bass” and “treble” represent?
  • What happens when you show up with all bass and no treble?
  • What happens when you show up with all treble and no bass?