The Followership theme is a dynamic and unique approach to leadership. The theme will go from something most students aren’t familiar with, to being something students need to operate at the highest levels.

  • Students will be introduced to the Followership concept and how through Rotational Leadership, it applies to everyone
  • Students will understand the three Followership performance levels and the level they should look to perform at
  • Students will learn they have the ability to lead in all circumstances and in all moments even when they aren’t “the” leader at the moment

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Lesson Plan

Student Growth Areas

Exercise Length

Language Guide


One’s performance in following and responding to the leader

Additional Resources

Shareable Graphics

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Quiz Questions

Exercise Slides

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Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

Use these questions below to engage after you have taught the exercise.

  • What is the definition for the term Followership?
  • Red’s are ___________ to lead.
  • Green’s are _________ to lead.
Quiz Questions

At Home

Coaches, use the below question, reflection, and action to engage parents, guardians, and other family members in the lessons learned in this exercise.

Suggestions on how to use: Email to parents the day you have taught this lesson, add it to the materials you send home, or text it to text message threads with your players.

  • Question: Why is Followership important to a team’s success?
  • Reflection: Where would you rate yourself on the Followership scale: Green, Gray, Red?
  • Action: Share one thing you will do each day this week to be a Green follower
Quiz Questions

Teacher Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on the lesson and how you can lead by example to your students. 

As a teacher you are a leader and spend most of your time in that role, but have you ever reflected on your role as a follower? Where would you rate yourself as a follower: green, gray, or red? Throughout the rest of the school year be intentional about showing up Green as a follower. Whether it’s with peers, students, or administrators you have the ability to lead the leader and enhance others’ confidence as leaders through your followership.
Special Assignment

Special Assignment

Have students select a successful leader to interview. This could be an individual from school or in the community. Have the students generate a list of 3-5 questions to ask their chosen leader. The questions should focus on:
  • How the person demonstrated followership in their journey to success
  • The specific ways in which being a good follower contributed to their growth or accomplishments
  • Any challenges they faced along the way and how they overcame them through green followership
Once they have conducted their interviews, have them gather in small groups to share their findings with classmates.