Press Release: Port Washington Athletics Department Incorporating Dedicated Leadership Coach

Jul 14, 2022

For the upcoming 2022/2023 school year, Port Washington Athletics Department will be the first athletic program in Nassau County to incorporate a dedicated leadership coach working with the entire athletic program, consisting of each fall, winter, and spring team.

The Port Washington athletics department will be utilizing the services of Lead ‘Em Up, facilitated by Lead ‘Em Up founder Adam Bradley, to host 3-full day leadership trainings, a series of virtual leadership trainings with each team, as well as providing pre-season consultation and strategy with each coach to design each team’s season-long leadership program

In addition, each coach will have full access to the Lead ‘Em Up curriculum taking their student-athletes through various leadership trainings throughout the season.

Lead ‘Em Up will also be part of their athletic programs’ seasonal awards, presenting a list of various leadership and character awards.

Developing our student-athletes into leaders, that will excel on and off the playing surface, is one of the most important things we can do as an athletic department. With the support from the Ed-Foundation, we are fortunate to be able to provide our coaches and student-athletes with focused individualized trainings on how to better themselves and their peers. Working individually with Adam and the Lead ‘Em Up program will help the Port Washington Athletics Department and all of our teams reach a new level of success. I cannot wait to see where Lead ‘Em Up takes us!

Nick Schratwieser
Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics
Port Washington School District

In a time when our athletes mental health has to be a priority, the ability to deliver a comprehensive leadership program to our student athletes through Lead ‘Em Up is a special opportunity. These lessons will impact the student-athletes across all aspects of their development.

Eric Sutz
Head Coach – Softball
Port Washington School District

I’m beyond excited that we will have the opportunity to bring Lead ‘Em Up to our entire athletics program. The ability for every athlete to learn the language and concepts presented by Lead ‘Em Up will help every program and every athlete reach new levels of success both on and off the playing field. Adam is a tremendous resource with his experience and expertise in the field of leadership. Having witnessed first hand the impact that Adam and the Lead ‘Em Up curriculum have on athletes, I’m excited to witness how our sports programs will flourish due to this new partnership.

Sean Dooley
Head Coach – Boys Basketball
Port Washington School District

This level of intentionality on leadership development is the way of the future for athletic programs and Port Washington is helping pioneer it with their student-athletes. Leadership & character continues to be the ultimate separator in both sports and life, so we have to assure we’re developing it correctly. And from a sports perspective, it’s the ultimate win-win, our student-athletes get better and when they get better, our teams get better. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with the Port athletes and help develop them into the leaders needed to win.

Adam Bradley
Founder & President
Lead ‘Em Up

About Lead ‘Em Up

Lead ‘Em Up is a dynamic and engaging leadership program used by youth, high school, and college sports teams all over the country.

We provide coaches a full library of leadership and communication drills online they can use to develop their players into the leaders needed to win.

Here are 8 thoughts the Lead ‘Em Up team believes in:

  • When the leader improves, everybody wins.
  • Leadership is a skill and like any skill, it needs practice in order to improve.
  • Great leaders can make the “uncool” into the new “cool”
  • Leadership isn’t sometimes, it’s all the time.
  • Better people make better athletes
  • Leading by example is not enough; there needs to be more.
  • The more you pour into your players, the more they have to give.
  • We want players as excited about leadership development as they are about skill development.

In addition to our full online library of drills, we also provide spirited live team workshops, and coaching workshops and have an online store filled with empowering gear and accessories perfect for your team.

We hope Lead ‘Em Up serves as a tremendous resource for you and your team.

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