Press Release: Quince Orchard High School Utilizing Leadership Liaison with Student Athletes

Jul 26, 2022

Quince Orchard Cougars

For the upcoming 2022/2023 school year, the Quince Orchard High School Athletic Department will be utilizing a leadership liaison to work with their Varsity teams and student-athletes.

The Quince Orchard athletic department will be utilizing the services of Lead ‘Em Up, facilitated by Lead ‘Em Up founder Adam Bradley, to host in-person leadership sessions across their fourteen varsity teams.

Each team will participate in a series of in-person leadership training sessions and each coach will take part in a pre-season consultation and training to strategize and outline their leadership development rollout for the upcoming season.

In addition, each coach will receive full access to the Lead ‘Em Up curriculum to facilitate additional leadership training with their student-athletes during the season.

Lead ‘Em Up will take part in the athletic programs seasonal awards, presenting a list of various leadership and character awards to the student-athletes.

The rollout of the program-wide initiative is an independent initiative being implemented by the QO Athletic program.

I believe now more than ever, leadership programs in high school athletics are essential. You can see the changes it [Lead ‘Em Up] has made in our teams that have used it over the past couple of years. I am excited to take it to the next level so it can benefit every team, every coach, and every student-athlete in our athletic program to reach their potential.

Jeff Rabberman
Athletic Director
Quince Orchard High School

I have seen firsthand how Lead ‘Em Up has transformed our student athletes. It has helped them learn the power of encouragement, setting goals and holding each other accountable. As we have discussed areas of growth for all our teams, our AD and I often refer to the tenants of Lead ‘Em Up to build a sense of family while creating opportunities for our young people to lead and inspire within the team. Building a winning program cannot rest on the shoulders of coaches. It must be instilled and nurtured among players, coaches, and the entire community. That’s how you build a winning program. That’s what Lead Em Up does, it begins with each student-athlete.

Beth Thomas
Quince Orchard High School

We believe this level of intentionality with leadership development will become commonplace at the high school level as we continue to see its ability to impact young people while producing better teams. I’m thankful for the leadership and support of the Quince Orchard administration, coaches and community to help make this available for their student-athletes. I look forward to working with each of the student-athletes at Quince Orchard and hope this initiative helps to increase the leadership development for athletes in the region and beyond.

Adam Bradley
Founder & President
Lead ‘Em Up

About Lead ‘Em Up

Lead ‘Em Up is a dynamic and engaging leadership program used by youth, high school, and college sports teams all over the country.

We provide coaches a full library of leadership and communication drills online they can use to develop their players into the leaders needed to win.

Here are 8 thoughts the Lead ‘Em Up team believes in:

  • When the leader improves, everybody wins.
  • Leadership is a skill and like any skill, it needs practice in order to improve.
  • Great leaders can make the “uncool” into the new “cool”
  • Leadership isn’t sometimes, it’s all the time.
  • Better people make better athletes
  • Leading by example is not enough; there needs to be more.
  • The more you pour into your players, the more they have to give.
  • We want players as excited about leadership development as they are about skill development.

In addition to our full online library of drills, we also provide spirited live team workshops, and coaching workshops and have an online store filled with empowering gear and accessories perfect for your team.

We hope Lead ‘Em Up serves as a tremendous resource for you and your team.

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