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2024 Green 13 Recipients

Welcome to the 2024 Lead ‘Em Up Green 13 Awards! Now in its fifth year, this esteemed award continues to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of young leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and character both on and off the field. Within the Lead ‘Em Up community, being “Green” signifies something truly special, and this year’s recipients embody that distinction more than ever.

Throughout the past year, nearly 50,000 students and athletes experienced the transformative power of Lead ‘Em Up. Our unique program empowers coaches and teachers to nominate their top leaders for our annual Green 13 Award, a testament to the impact these young individuals have made in their communities.

This year, we received a record number of nominations from coaches and teachers nationwide, all eager to spotlight the remarkable students and athletes they get to work with. After a thorough and thoughtful selection process, we are thrilled to introduce 13 outstanding individuals who exemplify what it means to be 100% Green. These leaders have not only shone brightly during their seasons but have consistently demonstrated their commitment and excellence throughout the entire year.

As a part of the Green 13, each winner will receive an exclusive Lead ‘Em Up swag pack, including a special Green Team recognition. Moreover, thanks to our generous partners at Chick-fil-A, these exceptional young leaders will enjoy the incredible prize of FREE CHICK-FIL-A FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Entering its fifth year, the Green 13 Awards continue to grow in prestige and significance. We are immensely proud of this year’s winners, who stand out as some of the most deserving recipients we have ever had. Their stories of leadership and character inspire us all, making the 2024 Green 13 Awards a highlight of our year.

Jocelyn Thomas 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Jocelyn Thomas

Moore High School, Volleyball, Oklahoma

Jocelyn Thomas possesses extraordinary leadership and unwavering dedication. Her journey toward her Green 13 honor began on the first day of preseason when she made an unforgettable impression.

As her coach introduced the Lead ‘Em Up program and the Green Team Standards, Jocelyn immediately recognized the potential for transformation. Without hesitation, she stood before her entire team and passionately declared, “This is the difference between last year, and what we can do this year. If we buy into this, it WILL work. We’ve been talented, now we need the last piece of the puzzle.” From that moment, it was clear that Jocelyn’s impact would be profound.

Jocelyn’s leadership is marked by her ability to command respect and inspire her teammates. Described as the strongest leader her coach has ever worked with, she balances strict accountability with encouragement, ensuring her team stays motivated and united. Her fearlessness is evident as she holds everyone, including star players, to high standards. Jocelyn’s relentless drive and hunger for success pushed her team to new heights, fostering an environment where every member is inspired to lead.

A defining characteristic of Jocelyn’s leadership is her resilience in the face of challenges. This season, she encountered two significant “red moments” that tested her resolve. Instead of being discouraged, she emerged stronger, demonstrating remarkable growth that propelled her team to a record-breaking season. Her ability to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth exemplifies the true spirit of a Green teammate.

Jocelyn’s influence extends beyond her peers, challenging even her coach to become a better follower of the team. Her coach proudly acknowledges that Jocelyn has set a high standard for future team leaders, and with another year ahead, there is eager anticipation for the continued impact she will make.

Jocelyn Thomas is undeniably deserving of the Green 13 Award. Her leadership, resilience, and unyielding dedication have not only transformed her team but also set a new benchmark for excellence.

Macee Flores 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Macee Flores

Frontier Academy, Basketball, Colorado

Macee Flores, embodies the essence a true leader. Balancing an impressive array of commitments, Macee is involved in 13 extracurricular activities outside of basketball, serves as a leader in many of these, and excels academically with a 3.98 GPA. Her dedication has earned her First Team All-State Academic Honors while also being a team captain.

Midway through the season, Macee felt overwhelmed with everything on her plate and sought advice from her coach. Rather than viewing her vulnerability as a weakness, her coach saw it as a profound strength and proof of her leadership capabilities. This moment became a turning point, where Macee, alongside her fellow captains, chose to share her struggles openly with the team, showing that one does not need to be at their peak to lead effectively.

Her openness and vulnerability strengthened the team, as her teammates embraced and supported her. This act of courage reinforced the bonds within the team, highlighting the importance of authentic leadership. Macee’s honesty about her feelings and her reliance on her team for support demonstrated a level of maturity and insight beyond her years.

Throughout the season, Macee was the first player to be Green Verified and remarkably maintained this status every week, as voted by her teammates. Her consistency in upholding the Green standards reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence and leadership.

Macee’s ability to self-correct and seek help when needed, along with her profound awareness of her teammates’ feelings, sets her apart. She builds meaningful relationships and supports her peers, helping them feel valued and understood. Her resistance to peer pressure and her natural ability to make others feel seen and important underscore her exceptional character.

As a multifaceted individual, Macee excels not just in sports but also in theater, academic decathlon, speech, and debate. She challenges societal norms by thriving in diverse areas and demonstrating that one can be successful without conforming to peer pressure. Her leadership and genuine care for others have profoundly impacted her teammates and coaches, making her an exemplary role model.

Macee Flores is not only an athlete but a visionary leader destined to make a significant impact on the world. Her dedication to her relationships and responsibilities has transformed her team and those around her, proving that she is truly deserving of the Green 13 Award.

Macee Flores 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Yvan Kemajou

Paint Branch High School, Football, Maryland

Yvan Kemajou epitomizes excellence and selflessness both on and off the field. During the 2023 season, his team’s offensive line faced significant challenges. Yvan, who played tight end and proudly wore the #7 jersey—a number representing the highest honor in the program—stepped up in a remarkable way. Known for his stellar play, effort, and leadership, Yvan had rightfully earned the #7 jersey during the offseason. However, when the team needed to stabilize the offensive line, Yvan willingly transitioned from tight end to offensive tackle, a move necessitating a change to the #70 jersey.

Yvan’s seamless switch to offensive tackle, without hesitation or complaint, showcased his extraordinary selflessness. He understood the importance of team success over individual accolades, setting a powerful example for his teammates. His performance as an offensive tackle was nothing short of stellar, demonstrating his adaptability and unwavering commitment to the team’s needs.

Despite the acclaim and scholarship offers from prestigious institutions such as Penn State, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Duke, Vanderbilt, Illinois, Syracuse, and Northwestern, Yvan remains humble and hardworking. His demeanor reflects his grounded nature and dedication to continuous improvement.

What distinguishes Yvan’s leadership is his consistent “Green” status in all areas. Academically, he excels with a weighted 4.7 GPA, demonstrating his intellectual prowess and commitment to education. His attitude and conduct are impeccable; he is widely respected by teachers and classmates alike for his high character and gentlemanly behavior. On the field and in the weight room, Yvan’s work ethic is unparalleled, consistently being the hardest worker regardless of the task.

Yvan Kemajou embodies the essence of the Green 13 Award, checking all the boxes of exemplary leadership. His impact extends beyond the football field, serving as a role model for all students at Paint Branch High School. His coach, who has 31 years of experience, lauds Yvan as one of the finest young men he has ever coached. Yvan’s dedication, character, and leadership make him a standout choice for the Green 13 Award.

Carson Griffey 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Carson Griffey

Bethesda Chevy Chase, Football, Maryland

Carson Griffey consistently displays remarkable leadership and dedication to his team. His Green 13 recognition is a testament to his resilience, hard work, and unwavering commitment to his team and sport.

Following a devastating 55-7 loss to Northwest in the playoffs during his junior year, Carson displayed exceptional leadership. On the bus ride home, he stood before his entire junior class and spoke candidly about the team’s shortcomings and the importance of offseason preparation. This pivotal moment set the tone for the successful season that followed, underscoring Carson’s ability to motivate and inspire his teammates.

Carson’s dedication is evident in his relentless work ethic. He consistently arrived at practice early and stayed late, focusing on improving various aspects of his game. His commitment didn’t stop with personal improvement; he also pushed his teammates daily, fostering a competitive and driven team environment.

What sets Carson apart is his combination of intelligence and humility. Described as possibly the smartest player his coach has ever mentored, Carson never let his intellect inflate his ego. He approached each day with a grinding work ethic, demonstrating maturity, coachability, and a deep understanding of the team’s bigger picture—qualities rare in high school athletes.

Over the past four years, Carson has played a crucial role in rebuilding the B-CC football program from the ground up. His leadership on the field was matched by his academic excellence, as he maintained the highest GPA among his peers. His coach, along with the basketball coach, agrees that Carson epitomizes the ideal student-athlete. He checks all the boxes, representing the very best qualities one could hope for in a player and a person.

Carson Griffey’s influence extends beyond the football field, making a lasting impact on his coaches, teammates, and the broader school community. His dedication, intelligence, humility, and relentless pursuit of excellence make him a truly deserving recipient of the Green 13 Award, and an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing him.

Annie Farone 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Annie Farone

Quince Orchard High School, Soccer, Maryland

Annie Farone displays exceptional leadership and unwavering compassion. As a junior captain, Annie’s commitment to making a positive impact was evident when she organized a fundraiser for colon cancer, inspired by her coach’s battle with the disease. When a teammate’s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Annie expanded the event to support that cause as well. This past fall, during her senior season, Annie’s dedication to her team and community shone even brighter.

When her teammate’s mother became terminal, Annie stepped up in an extraordinary way. Annie provided steadfast support, staying with her teammate when needed and visiting her mother in hospice. Her compassion and empathy culminated in an incredible fundraiser event. Even after a heartbreaking playoff loss that ended her high school career, Annie’s focus remained on her teammate. The morning they learned of her teammate’s mother’s passing, Annie was the first to offer comfort, setting aside her own emotions to be there for her friend.

Annie’s leadership is marked by her ability to uplift and inspire those around her. As an All-American, she never boasts about her achievements but instead highlights the strengths and contributions of every player, including those who see the least action on the field. Her passion is infectious, creating a positive and motivating atmosphere for the entire team. She addresses areas for improvement with humility and inclusivity, ensuring no one feels singled out.

Annie’s investment in the Lead ‘Em Up program from day one has been profound. She actively participates in every session, seamlessly incorporating the program’s language and principles into practices, meetings, and games. Her willingness to acknowledge her faults and work on them openly encourages her teammates to do the same.

Annie Farone exemplifies the qualities of a Green 13 Award recipient. Her leadership, characterized by humility, passion, and genuine care for others, has made a lasting impact on her team and community. Her actions, from expanding a fundraiser to supporting a teammate through a personal tragedy, demonstrate the kind of character and dedication that make her truly deserving of this honor. Annie’s legacy as a leader will inspire others for years to come.

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Emma Rosenberg 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Emma Rosenberg

Wheatley High School, Track, New York

Emma Rosenberg embodies exceptional resilience and unwavering positivity. Her journey exemplifies the true spirit of leadership, overcoming personal setbacks to inspire and support her teammates in remarkable ways.
The defining moment of Emma’s leadership came during her junior season when her soccer team lost the Nassau County Championship to Seaford in double overtime. As underdogs, the team’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. After the heart-wrenching loss, Emma, was in tears. This moment revealed Emma’s deep investment and immense care for her team. Her simple yet powerful words to her coach, “Next year,” encapsulated her determination and forward-looking attitude.

Tragically, Emma tore her ACL in a basketball game the following winter, sidelining her for her senior soccer and basketball seasons. Despite this setback, her resilience shone through. Emma’s dedication to her physical therapy and her open communication with coaches and friends about her recovery plan were impressive. Instead of succumbing to frustration, she found a new way to contribute by joining the lacrosse team, a sport new to her, to help field a team. Her efforts were instrumental, leading the team to a 7-1-1 record, with Emma scoring multiple goals.

Emma’s leadership is marked by her deep care for her team and her unwavering positivity. She ensured that everything ran smoothly, embracing all levels of play in their small school setting. Even while injured, Emma attended practices and games, helping in any way she could, including managing the game book for three seasons. Her passion for wearing the Wheatley jersey and representing her school never waned.

Emma’s commitment to her team, her school, and her remarkable ability to overcome adversity make her a standout leader. She has been a cornerstone of the Wheatley School’s athletic program, always putting her team first and lifting everyone with her infectious positivity. Emma Rosenberg’s story of resilience, positivity, and selfless dedication make her a truly deserving recipient of the Green 13 Award.

Elizabeth Loughren 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Elizabeth Loughren

Riverview High School, Basketball, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Loughren’s remarkable journey and unwavering spirit have earned her the Green 13 Award for 2024. From the moment Elizabeth stepped onto the court on the first day of practice, her commitment to the GREEN standards was unmistakable. Her enthusiasm and dedication were evident as she was the first to raise her hand, eager to contribute and embody the GREEN spirit. This drive led to her being the first player to be GREEN verified with 100% of her teammates’ votes.

Despite her small stature, Elizabeth’s fearless determination on the court is awe-inspiring. She never hesitates to take a charge, regardless of the size of her opponent, and plays with relentless energy until her coach is forced to sub her out. Whether she’s on the court or cheering from the sidelines, Elizabeth is fully engaged, constantly learning, and encouraging her teammates.

What sets Elizabeth apart is her unwavering consistency. Even on days when she didn’t feel her best, she never missed an opportunity to support her teammates or improve herself. Her leadership qualities and maturity are astonishing, especially considering she is only 12 years old. Elizabeth’s resilience is rooted in her battle with leukemia. Diagnosed in August 2021 at age 10, she underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. Despite these immense challenges, Elizabeth started the season with weak muscles and regrowing hair, yet she never let these obstacles deter her spirit. Elizabeth’s drive to improve her skills was evident even before her diagnosis, as she was often seen practicing outside, always ready with a cheerful greeting.

Elizabeth’s GREEN qualities—determination and courage—were pivotal in her fight against leukemia. Her family’s support extended beyond her recovery; they founded the “Elizabeth Strong Grit & Grace” foundation to help other children and families battling cancer. This spirit of giving back was highlighted when Elizabeth and her mom brought a care package to her coach, whose husband was in the ICU, demonstrating Elizabeth’s deep empathy and thoughtfulness.

Elizabeth Loughren’s incredible resilience, unwavering positivity, and selfless leadership make her a truly deserving recipient of the Green 13 Award. She embodies the GREEN spirit, inspiring all who meet her with her courage, determination, and compassion.

Elizabeth Loughren 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Grant Hutchinson

Lakewood Ranch High School, Football, Florida

Grant Hutchinson’s exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to his team’s Green standards have allowed him to stand out amongst his peers. From the moment he stepped onto the field, Grant led by example, demonstrating his dedication to the team’s success and fostering a positive team culture.

One memorable instance of Grant’s leadership occurred during a dispute between offensive and defensive players. Grant intervened, demanding an end to the conflict and emphasizing the importance of unity for the team. His ability to resolve the situation and promote teamwork highlights his natural leadership qualities.
Grant’s consistency in upholding the Green standards, even in challenging circumstances, is truly admirable. Whether facing tough times or playing a supporting role, Grant maintained his Green energy, always prioritizing the team’s well-being above all else.

What sets Grant apart is not only his lead-by-example approach but also his ability to communicate effectively with his peers. His presence in the program was synonymous with being Green, as he consistently embodied the values of positivity, respect, and teamwork.

Grant’s impact on the Lakewood Ranch High School football program has been profound. From being the first player to buy into Lead ‘Em Up sessions to mentoring younger athletes, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s culture. Grant’s dedication extended beyond the field, as he formed strong bonds with his teammates off the field, fostering a sense of camaraderie that transcended competition.

Grant’s leadership legacy will continue to inspire future generations of players at Lakewood Ranch High School. His commitment to the Green standards and his unwavering support for his teammates have left a lasting mark on the program, setting a standard of excellence for years to come. Grant Hutchinson’s outstanding leadership and positive impact make him a deserving recipient of the Green 13 Award.

Elizabeth Loughren 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Peyton Arland

Kamiakin High School, Volleyball, Washington

Peyton Arland displays exceptional leadership qualities and unwavering dedication to her team. From academics to athletics, Peyton embodies the qualities of an exemplary leader—encouraging, self-motivated, giving, and hard-working.

With a remarkable GPA placing her in the top ranks of her class, Peyton’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom to the sports field. As a three-sport athlete, she excels in volleyball, basketball, and track, earning recognition as the MVP of her league in volleyball. Despite her varied roles in sports, Peyton’s leadership remains constant, inspiring her teammates regardless of her playing time or position.

A defining moment of Peyton’s leadership occurred during challenging times for the volleyball team. Despite facing setbacks, Peyton’s character and motivation shone through as she uplifted her teammates, providing encouragement and support when they needed it most.

What sets Peyton apart is her extensive involvement in both athletics and student-body activities. As a senior at a large school, Peyton juggles multiple responsibilities effortlessly, participating in club volleyball, student body leadership, and organizations like the buddy club. Her commitment to making others feel valued and supported, even amidst her busy schedule, demonstrates her unmatched dedication to her community.

Peyton’s leadership transcends accolades and achievements; it’s rooted in her unwavering commitment to doing what’s right and being there for her teammates, no matter the circumstances. Her selflessness and care for others set her apart as a leader.

Peyton Arland’s remarkable leadership, selflessness, and dedication make her a deserving recipient of the Green 13 Award. Her ability to inspire and uplift those around her, both on and off the field, truly exemplifies the spirit of being Green.

Elizabeth Loughren 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Annika Wray

Liberty High School, Lacrosse, Maryland

Annika Wray is a leader with strong communication and relationship-building skills. Her energy is infectious. Annika’s leadership on and off the lacrosse field has been nothing short of extraordinary, ensuring the continued success of a program that boasts three consecutive State Championships. Despite the pressure of following in the footsteps of accomplished siblings and playing behind a dominant 2023 class, Annika has embraced her role as a leader with unparalleled positivity and determination.

Annika’s impact extends far beyond her athletic prowess. In the classroom, she excels academically, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life. Her dynamic presence in the community further showcases her leadership qualities, as she actively engages with and inspires those around her.

What truly sets Annika apart is her unwavering positivity and resilience. Despite the challenges she has faced and the expectations placed on her as a leader, Annika has remained steadfast in her determination to succeed. Her ability to maintain a positive attitude both on and off the field has earned her the admiration and respect of her teammates and coaches alike.

Annika’s leadership is further exemplified by the unanimous vote of confidence from her teammates, who recognized her as a standout leader by voting for her to be verified during the team’s first verification ceremony. This overwhelming show of support speaks volumes about Annika’s impact and influence within the team.

In her first opportunity to shine as a leader in the 2024 season, Annika has not only met but exceeded expectations. Her unwavering positivity, resilience, and commitment to excellence make her a truly exceptional leader and a deserving recipient of the Green 13 Award.

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Mikhail Seiken 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Mikhail Seiken

Blair High School, Football, Maryland

Mikhail Seiken is a motivating leader who is consistently encouraging his teammates. Mikhail’s impact on the Blair High School football program goes far beyond his contributions on the field. Despite facing challenges that kept him from playing at the beginning of the season, Mikhail demonstrated unwavering dedication by showing up to practice every day to mentor and train younger players. His commitment to the team’s success extended to both the varsity and junior varsity levels, where he actively engaged in coaching and mentoring.

What truly sets Mikhail apart is his selflessness and willingness to put the needs of others above his own. Whether it’s teaching younger players, supporting teammates, or helping anyone in need, Mikhail’s generosity knows no bounds. His ability to lead and listen to athletes of all levels is a testament to his adaptability and empathy, as he tailors his approach to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Despite facing obstacles, Mikhail has maintained an unparalleled work ethic and commitment to excellence both on and off the field. His ability to overcome adversity while excelling academically is a testament to his resilience and determination. As a leader, Mikhail sets the standard for perseverance and dedication, inspiring his teammates to strive for greatness.

There is no doubt that Mikhail is the heart and soul of the Blair football program. His leadership, work ethic, and unwavering commitment to the team make him the ideal candidate to lead his team to success both on and off the field. For his remarkable contributions and exemplary leadership, Mikhail Seiken is truly deserving of recognition with the Green 13 Award.

Erica Irvin 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Erica Irvin

St. Joseph’s College of Maine, Alpine Ski, Maine

Erica Irvin is a leader whose composure and compassion stand out. Erica’s leadership shines through adversity, demonstrating resilience and determination that inspires all those around her. When faced with disappointment after not being selected to attend a conference, Erica’s response was a testament to her maturity and composure. Instead of letting it deter her, she remained focused and determined, ultimately applying again a year later and earning her spot. Her unwavering drive and “never give up” attitude exemplify her exceptional character and determination.

What truly sets Erica apart is her ability to handle challenging situations with grace while still being a pillar of support for her teammates. Despite any personal challenges she may face, Erica consistently shows up for her team with unwavering dedication and focus. Her teammates can always rely on her steady presence and unwavering support, regardless of what may be happening in her own life.

Erica’s maturity and genuine engagement with her teammates make her a standout leader. She knows precisely when to offer support and when to push her teammates to excel, adapting her leadership style to meet the individual needs of each teammate. In a sport like ski racing, where teamwork is crucial alongside individual performance, Erica’s ability to balance both aspects sets her apart.

As a senior, Erica has left an indelible mark on her team and program, setting a high standard for leadership and dedication. Her teammates look up to her, and her coaches hold her in high regard for her exceptional contributions both on and off the slopes. Erica’s involvement in various campus groups and outstanding academic achievements further illustrate her well-rounded character and commitment to excellence.

In every aspect of her life, Erica Irvin embodies the qualities of a true leader. Her impact on her team and the broader campus community is undeniable, and she leaves behind a legacy of inspiration and leadership that will be challenging to match. For her exceptional leadership, resilience, and dedication, Erica Irvin is truly deserving of recognition with the Green 13 Award.

Lucas Gulczynski 2024 Gren 13 Winner

Lucas Gulczynski

Frostburg State University, Baseball, Maryland

Lucas Gulcyznski represents the essence of leadership through his consistent care, respect, and genuine commitment to his team. In a pivotal moment during his senior year, Lucas was called off the bench to pinch-hit in a high-pressure situation. With nerves of steel, he delivered a game-winning, walk-off hit, igniting a celebration among his teammates. However, it was their response to Lucas’s heroics that truly spoke volumes about his influence and character. His teammates’ unwavering support demonstrated the deep respect and admiration they hold for him as a leader.

What sets Lucas apart is not just his on-field performance, but his consistent attitude, effort, and genuine care for others. He embodies the essence of leadership by backing up his words with actions, always checking in on his teammates, and recalling even the smallest details from previous conversations. Lucas’s ability to handle difficult situations with a “GREEN” response, regardless of the circumstances, further underscores his exceptional leadership qualities.

Despite facing challenges, such as not being a starter as initially expected, Lucas remains steadfast in his commitment to his team. His identity is not tied to results or statistics; rather, he consistently shows up for his teammates, day in and day out. When the team needed a catcher, Lucas was the first to volunteer, demonstrating his selflessness and willingness to help in any capacity.

Lucas’s unwavering consistency and positive energy make him a true asset to his team. He embodies the qualities of a Green Team member every day, in every moment, regardless of whether the team is winning or facing adversity. His unique blend of stoicism and upbeat positivity resonates with both his coaches and teammates, making him a joy to coach and a trusted leader on and off the field. For his unwavering dedication, selflessness, and positive influence, Lucas Gulcyznski is truly deserving of recognition with the Green 13 Award.

Honorable Mentions

Luke Vickers – Jackson High School, Swimming and Diving

James Crimado – South River High School

Yesenia Delgado Mendoza – North Marion High School

Cole Wilson – Cave City High School

Max Howery – Air Academy

Cole Kimbrough – Drexel HS/Bobcats

Faris Bassi – Northwood High School (Silver Spring, MD)

Adiel Hernandez – Oakdale High School

Connor Quinn – The Wheatley School

Neil Reichman – The Wheatley School

Ella Lawson – De Soto Wildcats

Elizabeth Andriano – Rolling Meadows Mustangs

Andrew Silverman – Quince Orchard High School

Vance Bonior – Walter Johnson HS

Graycie Smith – Park High School

Nate Girardin – St. Joseph’s College

Dennis (Dj) Certa – Munster High School

Alex Price – Quince Orchard High School

Ally Malone – Gibson Southern High School

Luke McLellan – Air Academy High School BLAX

Adam Mathew – Springbrook High School/ Wrestling Team

Ethan Berninger – Dakota Ridge High School

Brady O’Donnell – Phoenixville Boys Basketball

Shaelagh Green – Central Catholic High School

Christian Whitrhead – Urbana High School

Hunter Thompson – Oakdale High School

Adjatay (DJ) Abegesah – Quince Orchard High School

Farai Zuvaradoka – Elms College

Victoria Diaz – Winston Churchill High School

Ellie Ludwig – Hillsboro High School

Ryan Wheeler – Arlington Lions

Garvin Aning – Brunswick high

Amon Griffin – Shining Light Academy

Adella Norton – South River High School

Jameson T Scarry – Shining Light knights

Jeremy Fahmy – Schreiber High School

John Dale – Bethesda- Chevy Chase High School

Carter Briddell – North Point High School

Hoyt Gregory – North Point High School

Daisy Labella – Port Softball

Dante Wilson – Carterville High School

RJ Orr – Carterville High School

Jack Kodrin – Quince Orchard High School

Josh P. Tseronis – Quince Orchard High School

Robert Rhodes – Parkway North High School

Mackenzie Brown – Air Academy High School

William Weyant – Pekin JFL

Jackson Keaton – Washington High School

Te’Shawn Muhammad- Scintilla Charter Academy

Quinn Ensminger – White River Valley High School

Shannon Flachner – The Wheatley School

Taj Kontosis – Blake High School

Teon Lavendar – Wise High School

Sam Mills – Port Washington High School

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