2023 Green 13 Nominations

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2023 Green 13 Nominations

Year after year, the Green 13 Award continues to shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who embody the values of the Lead ‘Em Up program, inspiring us all to be better leaders and teammates.

It’s time once again to nominate YOUR ATHLETES for the Lead ‘Em Up Green 13 Award! In previous years, we’ve shared the stories of inspiring young leaders from around the country.

It’s not their actions that set them apart. It’s their attitude, mindset, and unwavering commitment to their teams and communities. The Green 13 recipients understand leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about making others better. It’s about serving others.

Great leaders set a positive example and strive to be their best both on and off the field. Here’s a look at our previous winners:

Previous Green 13 Recipients

In our foundational exercise The Green Team we teach the concept of needing to “be green” and “build green”. For simplification purposes, green represents “money”, which is a synonym in today’s vocabulary for “special.”  We want students/athletes who have special character and leadership.

As part of Green 13 each student/athlete will be awarded a Lead ‘Em Up Green Team pack, along with a special Green Team verification plaque.

Winners will also receive FREE CHICK-FIL-A FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR courtesy of our friends at Chick-Fil-A (Kayla Smith – Owner/Operator CFA – Germantown). Each year it’s becoming more challenging to narrow down our list of Green 13 candidates, which is a great problem to have. That’s where we need your help.

If you have a student/athlete (or two) you’d like to nominate for this year’s Green13 please fill out the form below.

Please don’t share with the student/athlete you are nominating them so if they are selected, it will be a surprise to them.

Please click below to fill out the nomination form for the student/athlete of your choosing.

We will collect nominations through April 30th. Winners will be announced in May. 

Have fun and #LeadEmUp

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