Paint the Picture

Aug 20, 2018

Coaches fully understand when the leader improves, everybody wins.

But how many players do?

One of the best things about investing in leadership development is the multiplying effect it has. Individuals, teams, programs, schools, and communities all benefit when players become better leaders and people of character.

Our founder, Adam Bradley, says: “When players see they have more to play for, the better they’ll play.”

Check out more of Adam and co-host TJ Rosene’s thoughts on the topic in this Hardwood Hustle podcast epidsode.

It’s our calling as coaches to paint the bigger picture for our athletes. It’s our job to help them see beyond the scoreboard, and realize the impact they can have on others. Our mission should be to encourage and push players to lead even better, stronger, and more frequent than before.

We cannot sit back and hope our players develop on their own. We simply cannot hope they eventually grasp what it means to be a leader; we have to paint the big picture for them!

We all start from ground zero when we begin weightlifting. The same holds true for leadership. With a slow ramp of continuous repetition we can help our players build their confidence as leaders.

Getting our players to see the bigger picture is part of the process.

That which gets praised gets repeated.

As coaches, we must believe in our efforts and our planting of seeds will reap a harvest.

The bottom line is this…we CANNOT afford not to spend time on leadership and character development.

One day those freshmen will be seniors. If we don’t invest early and often in our players they’ll never produce.

In order to paint the bigger picture, we must first believe in it ourselves. If we keep pouring into our players, they will turn the corner sooner rather than later.

What kind of picture are you painting for your players?


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