Leading By Example Is Not Enough

Jul 22, 2018

When thinking of the characteristics which define leadership one of the top responses is always, “leading by example.” We’ve all heard this phrase for as long as we can remember.

Does it have merit?

Yes…but it can’t be the only thing required or expected of the leader.

What’s your typical practice look like? We imagine there’s a warm up period, fundamental skill work, position work, offensive work, defensive work, and some form of team scrimmage.

Surely, no coach just has their players watch the coaching staff run through drills, execute the offense and defense, and then expect them to perform at a high level on game day.

No way!

Players need reps and so do leaders.

We learn by doing.

Leaders understand mistakes are okay and losses turn into lessons learned. Leaders also invest in their own development in order to be the best versions of themselves so they can help others.

Sure, there is an important element to leading by example. But it can’t be the only thing relied on. PGC founder Dick Devenzio famously said, “If the only way you lead is by example, then you’re a very poor leader.”

It’s one thing to lead yourself, but it’s another lead other individuals. True leaders make sure everyone has the right mindset, work ethic, and is pulling in the same direction.

As we’ve previously discussed Leadership Is A Lifestyle! Society needs more equipped leaders, and companies are desperately seeking leaders. There are countless opportunities every day to serve and lead.

Be the example, but more importantly mentor others and give away the gift each and every single day!

Have fun and Lead ‘Em Up!


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