When The Leader Improves, Everybody Wins!

One of our guiding principles at Lead ‘Em Up is when the leader improves, everybody wins. We believe in it so much, it’s one of the foundational blocks of Lead ‘Em Up. In everything we do, we strive to improve the leader.

When the leader improves they become an extension of the coach. Think back to the best teams you’ve played on or coached. How high was the level of leadership from players on those teams? We believe it’s off the charts. The best teams are player led teams.

When the leader improves it has a domino effect on your program. Leaders impact everyone around them. Coaches love coming to work every day. Players look forward to practice. Games become a celebration. Whether you win or lose the game, the people in your program are fulfilled.

When the leader improves a culture of success is created. Players come and go. Every year there’s a new group of freshmen coming in, and a group of leaders graduating. How can we assure continued success? Hope for the best, or actively plan for and create our culture? Successful programs have a leadership plan in place. They don’t wish for it to happen, they work for it to happen.

When the leader improves they leave a legacy behind. We believe leaders leave behind a culture of leadership and expectations when they graduate. The fruits of player leadership play out, and younger players pick up the torch to carry the tradition of leadership forward. Scores fade and trophies collect dust; but the legacy of leadership within your program will last generations.

What does a good leader do?

They create more leaders.

A candle loses no light by lighting another.

Our team is committed to providing a fun, dynamic, energetic, and impactful program that develops your players into the leaders needed to win.