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After surveying hundreds of Lead ‘Em Up coaches, we found that when teams “Get to 12” sessions in a calendar year they experience a tangible transformation in their team, and their players feel it as well.

Therefore, it’s essential you lay out your plan to Get to 12 sessions (a “session” is a 30-50 minute, distraction-free, committed time, to work on your team’s leadership through the Lead ‘Em Up program)

Below you will find the resources to help you Get to 12.

Your Checklist

Use this Checklist to schedule the dates of your 12 sessions, identify the location for each session, list out the exercises you’ll be covering, and any special notes before or after the session.

Checklist Example

Below is an Example of a completed checklist by a local football team in Maryland who does an in-season and off-season program.

Get to 12 Example

Recommended Track

In case you’re not familiar with the exercises and would like to follow a recommended track, see below

Please note: it is recommended Year One users follow the suggested track as laid out below. In future years once you become more familiar with the curriculum, we recommend shuffling the exercises to best serve your team based on the needs of your team.


  1. Session One (Vision & Standards): Player Commitments (9-Clap), Green Team,
  2. Session Two (Vision & Standards): Green Standards, overview Green Awards, Same Page
  3. Session Three (Vision & Standards): Lifeguard & 40-Red Dash
  4. Session Four (Followership): Followership, Rotational Leadership, Thank the Passer
  5. Session Five (Followership): (a continuation of the Followership theme) First Like, Detective
  6. Session Six (Relationships): S.T.O.R.Y. & The Six
  7. Session Seven (Relationships): Going for the Gold
  8. Session Eight: (Communication): Voice Activated, Read Receipt & Sugar Salt
  9. Session Nine (Celebrations): Me-We-You, Hype Battle
  10. Session Ten (Celebrations): SpotSeat, Hype Battle (Final Rounds)
  11. Session Eleven (Focus & Engagement): Process, Word Pop
  12. Session Twelve (Focus & Engagement): Toaster & Mixing Board