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Welcome to our Coaches Membership – everything you need to transform your players into the leaders needed to win, now exclusively under one membership.

  • Our new Coaches Membership includes:
  • Access to 40+ Exercises (the full Lead ‘Em Up Curriculum)
  • Access to our 8-Part Captains Course
  • Green Team Starter Kit (MVG Trophies and 15 verified stickers)
  • New Content Releases (including our brand NEW Same Page exercise)
  • Customized Green Team Standards card
  • Our new shareable Player Resource Videos
  • Community Groups
  • Shareable player resources
  • Year-Long Support and Coaching Consultation
  • Continually Updated

This is our best product offering to date and could be the key to a completely different season for your team.

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Coach Nesmith

“My only regret with Lead ‘Em Up is that I didn’t use the program earlier”

Michael Nesmith | Head Varsity Football Coach, Paint Branch High School

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Coach Membership and Athletic Program Membership?

The Coaches Membership is designed to be accessed by a single coach/team. The Athletic Program Membership provides access for every coach in the building, all-sports, all-season.

When should we start the program?

Today! Most teams in Lead ‘Em Up approach their leadership development with a year-long mindset, engaging in sessions during the season as well as offseason. The biggest thing to consider is attendance. Start when you can best guarantee full attendance. Your players will begin adopting a unique leadership language, so when players miss it, they don’t understand the language.

What can our Coaches Membership Virtual Session cover?

You have the option of having these 60-mins be with your coaches or players. Many teams use it to talk through the program, discuss best ways to roll it out, ways to maximize it, etc., while other teams have us take their players through an Lead ‘Em Up team session. Your choice.

Should it be with the whole program or just varsity?

That is up to you! Some use it with their whole program, while others reserve it strictly for varsity. There are pros and cons to both. Pros for whole program: everyone experiences it, you start developing leaders early. Cons for the whole program: the larger the group the more distraction, it may reduce players willingness to participate, both teams won’t be going through and experiencing the same things so its tougher to personalize the session.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ Page.

Product Details

  • Our new Coaches Membership includes:
  • Access to the full Lead 'Em Up Curriculum
  • Access to our 8-Part Captains Course
  • A 30-45 minute virtual training session for your coaches or players
  • Green Team Starter Kit (trophies and verified stickers)
  • New Content Releases (including our brand NEW Same Page exercise)
  • Customized Green Team Standards poster card
  • Our new Player Video Portal
  • Quarterly Coaches Webinar
  • Community Groups
  • Year-Long Support and Coaching Consultation