Green Team Verified Stickers

Everyone wants to be “verified” on social media. Having that “blue check” next to your name and becoming “verified” is a status symbol many aspire to receive.

We think there’s a status symbol more important and cooler than a blue check and that’s a green check; telling others you’re verified green and part of the green team.

Inspired by our popular Green Team exercise, the Green Team Verified Stickers serve as a celebration for your players who’ve gone through Lead ‘Em Up program and are on the “Green Team.”

Or you can use the stickers as an incentive to drive your players to the Green Team and once they’ve earned their spot on the Green Team by consistently showing up green, they get their stickers.

That is up to you coach.

Either way, a team filled with green-verified athletes is a team we want to have.

Be Green, Build Green.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.