Coaches Membership

Coaches Membership

Welcome to our Coaches Membership – everything you need to transform your players into the leaders needed to win, now exclusively under one membership.

  • Our new Coaches Membership includes:
  • Access to 40+ Exercises (the full Lead ‘Em Up Curriculum)
  • Access to our 8-Part Captains Course
  • A 30-45 minute virtual training session for your coaches or players
  • Green Team Starter Kit (MVG Trophies and 15 verified stickers)
  • New Content Releases (including our brand NEW Same Page exercise)
  • Customized Green Team Standards card
  • Our new shareable Player Resource Videos
  • Quarterly Coaches Webinar
  • Community Groups
  • Shareable player resources
  • Year-Long Support and Coaching Consultation
  • Continually Updated

This is our best product offering to date and could be the key to a completely different season for your team.

Upgrade or Get Started today.

EARLY BIRD Coaches Membership

EARLY BIRD Coaches Membership

Coaches are always looking for more leadership from their players; using the Lead ‘Em Up drills and exercises your players will develop into the leaders needed to win.

Premium Access includes:

  • 12-month online access to our digital library
  • 7-brand new exercises, inc. Green Team (Part Two)
  • Customized “Green Standards” Team Sheet
  • Verified Stickers & MVG Trophy
  • Special virtual team training session
  • Access to our newly released Captains Course

Access to our full library of leadership drills and exercises. Provided to you online, you’ll be given step-by-step, detailed instructions of how to effectively teach each of the drills & exercises to your team. You’ll also receive new drills and exercises added to the library all year long.

Virtual Training Session

Included is a 45-60 minute virtual training session with the Lead ‘Em Up team.

The training session can be one of the following:

  • A full team session
  • A 1-on-1 session with an individual coach
  • A full-coaching staff session

After your purchase, we will reach out to you to discuss the type of session and scheduling.

Whether you’re in-season or off-season, we want you taking advantage of Lead ‘Em Up all-seasons.

When the leader improves, everybody wins so starting winning today!

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