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We believe that when the leader improves everybody wins. And for a leader to improve, they must continually develop their leadership skills.

We also believe that the strongest leaders know when to let someone else lead. We call this “Rotational Leadership”.

A leader cannot lead without a group of people willing to follow them. This is why we focus on developing followership skills alongside leadership skills.

John Kelley

“Each year I try to find ways to incorporate more Lead ‘Em Up into our program. It’s been that much of a game-changer”

John Kelley

2X Maryland State Championship Football Coach, Quince Orchard High School

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Player Growth Areas

We have identified the most important leadership skills for athletes. We have broken these down into 9 areas that we call “Player Growth Areas”. We call them Growth Areas because a leader needs to continually grow their leadership skills to continue to be effective as a leader.










“In all my years, I haven’t seen a program engage athletes like the Lead ‘Em Up program”

Jennifer Rizzoti

President, Connecticut Sun & Team USA

Jen Rizzoti


Green Team
Green Team
Green Team
Green Team
Green Team
Green Team
Green Team
Green Team
Green Team

As with all skills you are trying to improve, repetition is key. This is extremely true with leadership skills. Around the Player Growth Areas, we designed more than forty leadership exercises. Each of the exercises has a theme and focuses on at least one of the Player Growth Areas. These exercises are specifically designed to engage Athletes.

Leadership Built on Character

Building a leadership program with your team is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication. But all the hard work and dedication can topple if your team does not start out with a solid foundation.

That is why we built “The Green Team”. It is what all the other exercises build upon. The Green Team is what will set the foundation of your leadership program. A set of standards your Athletes build and agree upon with each other. Those standards will set the bar for the character the athletes expect of one another.

Green Team
Coach Nesmith

“My only regret with Lead ‘Em Up is that I didn’t use the program earlier”

Michael Nesmith

Head Varsity Football Coach, Paint Branch High School

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We don’t expect you to be an expert. We provide training and guides to support all of our coaches. Our goal make sure you are as successful teaching Lead ‘Em Up as possible. We provide you a live onboarding geared to your team’s specific needs. We also provide tips, guides, resources, a customized exercise sequence for your team, along with regular members-only webinars.

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Hopefully, all this sounds like exactly what you were looking for, but you probably want to try it to see how it works. Great! We have a sample exercise you can access right now. It is one of our favorites, and easy to learn and use in many situations, not just with your team. This will give you an example of the structure of the exercises, the style, and how easy they are to use.