Can Lead 'Em Up be used for in-school curriculum?
That’s a great question! The answer is both “yes” and “not yet.” Yes Lead ‘Em Up can be very effective for use in-school but we’re not quite ready to make it available. We’re in the process of piloting the program with a few schools around the country and it should be ready for the 2021-2022 school year. If you interested in learning more email info@leademup.com
Can Lead 'Em Up be taught digitally; Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.?
Yes! About 80% of our curriculum can easily be taught digitally. To assist, in your digital library once you sign-up, there is a Virtual Playbook with 15-sessions filled with various exercises you can do with your team.
What makes Lead 'Em Up different?
It’s all about how we teach. Every exercise and concept passes through our MPS Filter: is it Memorable (easily remembered), is it Portable (can it be taken with them) and is it “Sticky” (is there language used that sticks)). It’s so important our curriculum teaches in a way where young athletes actually “want” to learn and the material is presented in a way that “sticks.” Our content accomplishes both.
What do the drills and exercises look like?
Great question. All the drills and exercises have interactive components helping engage and excite your players. The exercises are centered around our core themes: relationships, communication, enthusiasm, self-awareness, habits, engagement, confidence and self-discipline.

Here’s a short video of athletes engaging in one of our exercises:

How much does Lead 'Em Up cost?
Our core product is our online All-Access program which we charge $99 a team or $599 a school (an athletic program) or sports organization for the year. The pricing for our apparel and accessories are available in the Store. Our Live Training pricing varies. For more information on Live Training pricing please email info@leademup.com
What forms of payment do we take?
We can do credit card or you can fill out a purchase order request and submit a check.
What do I receive in the All-Access?
You will receive a username and password to access our full library of drills and exercises to use with your team. Dozens and dozens of drills and exercises that we continue adding to all year long.
What if I've done an exercise, is it okay to go back and do the exercise again?
Absolutely. We strongly encourage you to repeat exercises. Leadership is a skill and you can only improve skills through practice, so the players need their reps. It sometimes takes multiple times for the message in an exercise to fully sink in for the player.
When should I do Lead 'Em Up; in-season or off-season?
Every season. Our exercises are perfect for development in-season as you’re going through some of the very issues we address. During the off-season, it’s all about development so it’s a great time for leadership development. Leadership is a lifestyle so utilize the program to develop your players all year long.
How long does each drill/exercise take?
They range from 5 mins to 30 mins. In each exercise portal, we indicate the projected length of time to complete the exercise.
What size group is ideal?
The ideal group size is 10-25 athletes. With that said, we have many football programs using Lead ‘Em Up with group sizes of 30, 40 & 50 or more. In those size groups be very intentional to position the players so they can all easily hear and see the coach. It’s also important in larger groups to minimize distractions so try and find a place with limited distractions.
Can someone from Lead 'Em Up come out and work with my team?
Absolutely. We’d love too. Email info@leademup.com for more information.
Do you have something I could email to others explaining Lead 'Em Up?
Yes, here is a great piece that gives an overview of our program.
What age group is Lead 'Em Up for?
Lead ‘Em Up is designed for 4th grade through College. The drills and exercises work for both younger and older athletes; although, the speed and depth the coach takes each exercise will vary based on age and experience level.