transform your player’s leadership and elevate your team’s culture

Struggling to take your team to a higher level?

Every tool you will need to build a championship team is available in our Coaches Membership.

As coaches, we believe there is always a higher level our team can reach.

In order to reach that next level it is essential your players demonstrate the highest level of accountability, communication, and focus.

Have you experienced any of these behaviors:

  • Players who are “IN”, but not “ALL- IN”
  • Players who lack consistency
  • Players who don’t seem to care “enough”
  • Players who aren’t willing to hold teammates to a higher standard
  • Players who don’t exhibit the level of energy and enthusiasm needed to perform at their best

Is your team lacking the character needed to succeed?

Green Team Framework Success 1

.There are two types of character in sports; moral character and mental character.

Moral character speaks to your integrity

Mental character speaks to your performance.

Unfortunately, our players don’t constantly exhibit the character needed to reach their full potential.



  • Maturity
  • Respect
  • Positivity
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Awareness


  • Drive
  • Discipline
  • Passion
  • Consistency
  • Work Ethic
  • Resiliency

What would your team look like if ALL your players exhibited ALL of these traits?

Imagine what your season would look like?

Rachael Simmons

“I went through a difficult season where I had no answer as to why we were struggling with so much talent. I didn’t have a great way of dealing with the challenging behaviors of some players. I was then reminded of Lead ‘Em Up and decided to go all-in. It changed everything. My program has grown exponentially this past year because of the leaders we are learning to become.”

Rachael Simmons | Head Girls Volleyball Coach | Moore High School

When your players demonstrate the right character they show up “special” Every Day

As coaches, we are desperate for our players to demonstrate the moral and mental character needed to succeed.

Well, anything you want to see in your player has to be developed.

Thankfully character and leadership are skills that can be developed with the right tools.

Our coaches membership is the toolbox that contains all the tools you’ll need to help your players show up special every day.

Every team and player has specific areas they need to improve, we have the solutions to help improve each of those areas.

An Exercise to improve every area of your team

Does your Team Come out Flat?

The Mixing Board exercise will teach your players how to get “dialed-in” every day to be at their best.

Mixing Board
9 Clap Logo

Is your Team Lacking energy and enthusiasm?

9-clap exercise will raise the energy level of your entire team.

Does your team need to get more connected?

The Going for the Gold exercise will teach your players how to have deeper, meaningful conversations, leading to greater connections and fewer cliques.

Go for the Gold
Detail Grab Bag

Do your players struggle to pay attention to details?

The Detail Grab Bag exercise will help turn your players into more detail oriented athletes.

Poor Body Language?

The Body Language Exercise will show your players how their body language communicates more than they think.

9 Clap Logo
Read Receipts

Does your team not listen well?

Read Receipts will help ensure all those on the team understand the expectations to listen at a high level and enhance their communication.

Do you have poor communicators?

In order to have effective conversations, players need to learn to balance love (sugar) and truth (salt).

Sugar and Salt
Read Receipts

Are players not embracing their roles?

This is a multi-faceted, multi-lesson exercise that connects players’ need to properly prepare and the importance of remaining focused on executing their role at a high level.

Get access to all the tools and 30+ MORE exercises and tools to overcome these and many more common coaching struggles.

Every Team is Unique

The exercises, teaching concepts, and tools in the Coaches Membership are meant to work with every type of team and every type of player, regardless of the sport.

Each exercise and teaching concept is adaptable to the unique player’s and situations of your team. 

Every Team is Unique

Membership also includes access to our nationally recognized Green Team Framework and our transformative followership series.

Green Team Framweork

Green Team Framework

Everything starts here. The Green Team is the foundation of the Coaches Membership. I alone will produce more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes.



Followership is the key to unlocking the full potential of your team’s leadership. This is the companion series to the Green Team Framework that will support everything set up by the Green Team Framework

Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith

Head Football Coach

“My only regret with the Green Team is that I didn’t incorporate the framework sooner. It’s been so great for our players”

Caleb Parnin

Caleb Parnin

Head Soccer Coach

“Our team rode the Green Team momentum all the way through our State Championship win”

John Kelley

John Kelley

Head Football Coach

“The Green Team Framework provided the accountability our team needed to win Back-To-Back State Championships”

Jennifer Rizzoti

Jennifer Rizzoti

Coach & Executive

“In all my years, I’ve never seen a tool engage athletes like Lead ‘Em Up’s Green Team Framework”

How it Works

1: Gain access to the Coaches Membership


2: Get your Team leadership assessment

You will fill out and then receive a customized leadership plan for you to follow based on your team’s specific needs.

3. Participate in onboarding training call

You’ll get an opportunity to sit down with a lead ‘Em Up Team Member who will provide you with additional tools and resources to help you best implement and execute the program.

4. Facilitate your customized leadership plan

Begin hosting team sessions ranging from 30 to 45 minutes taking your team through the lead ‘Em Up Program


5. See your team start to transform

Anything you want to see in your team has to be developed

All coaches want to see their players showing up and leading at a higher level.

We are never given those athletes, we have to build them, YOU have to build them.

It’s your responsibility as a coach to give them the tools, time, and resources to help them grow their leadership and improve the culture of the team.

The exercises will provide your athletes:

  • A clear understanding of what a high-performing culture looks like
  • Shared language to get everyone on the same page
  • An accountability structure that keeps the team performing at a high level
  • Built-in incentives that reward hard work and effort
  • A tracking tool to help ensure progress and success is being reached

  • An opportunity to grow EVERY area of their leadership

A Membership With All the Tools a Coach Needs


1 on 1 onboarding call with a Lead ‘Em Up Team Member ($250 Value)

  • Designed to answer your questions and get you started on the right foot
  • to set you up
  • A personalized onboarding session tat gives you access to ask a leadership expert your questions and to help set you and your team up for success

40+ Dynamic Leadership Exercises ($1,950)

  • Over 40 exercises designed to engage athletes at a high level that are Memorable, Portable, and Sticky, ensuring they are impactful and long-lasting
  • Each exercise focuses on one or more of nine key leadership skills we call “Player Growth Areas” to ensure comprehensive development
  • Each exercise has video, audio, and text lesson plans
  • Lesson-specific graphics for sharing on social
  • 48 hour Exercise reminder cards to instill the lesson after the session
  • Specialized content available to use in team newsletters or other communications
  • A unique “At Home” section for each exercise to allow for continued reinforcement at home
  • A coaches reflections section to keep growing yourself as a coach

Green Team Framework ($450 Value)

  • 7 Exercise teaching concept designed to immediately produce more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes in 30 days

Green Team Kit ($150 Value)

  • Includes, Stickers, Posters, and an MVG Trophy to acknowledge green-verified players.

Followership Series ($350 Value)

  • The companion series to the Green Team Framework, designed to unleash your team’s culture and generate more coachable athletes

Captains Course ($350 Value)

  • An 8 part self-guided training tool specifically designed for team captains that covers: Humility, Character, Consistency, Relationships, Team Awareness, Encouragers, Communication, and Mentorship

Team Leadership Profile & Quick Score ($200 Value)

  • The TLP is an assessment tool for your team that identies specific leadership and character areas your team need to improve in
  • Quick Score is an easy and quantifiable way to track your team’s current leadership character and culture, and measure progress

Comprehensive Support Tools ($500 Value)

  • Player Resource Videos: 5-minute videos to reinforce leadership mindsets
  • Teaching Tips: Maximize the impact of Lead ‘Em Up exercises
  • Get to 12: Resources to best achieve a tangible transformation in team dynamics
  • Player Commitments: Guidelines for athletes to embrace leadership that are simple and easy to remember
  • Language Guide: Overview of terms used in Lead ‘Em Up exercises
  • Spotlight: A way to highlight standout players or teams
  • Webinar Archive: Access to past webinars full of coaching professional development resources
  • Branding Kit: Official logos for social media and team promotion

Private Community Access

  • Connect with our community of coaches and share experiences and unique insights
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest tips and strategies

Support ($300 Value)

  • Year-Long Support & Coaching Consultation
  • Expert Guidance: Continuous support to ensure success

Over a $4,500 value for only $399


If you don’t see more committed, consistent, and competitive athletes at the end of those 30 days you get your money back.

Transform Your Leadership

Transform Your Season

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I gain access to the Framework?

After purchase you gain access to the Framework for 12 months

How Much Does it Cost?

$149/yearly …that’s it

Who teaches the Framework to the players?

The Coach. You can have the Head Coach or Assistant Coach facilitate the exercises and teachings to the team. Think along of the lines of a coach learning a new offensive set online or at a coaching clinic and then rolling it out with the team. Same approach here. We’ll give you everything you need to roll it out well.

What is the ideal age to use the Framework?

The Framework has been uniquely designed to produce more committed, consistent and competitive athletes as young as 4th grade through high level collegiate athletes.

What is the ideal sport to use the Framework?

All sports. If you’ve been following us you will see the Framework elevating athletes in sports ranging from football, cheerleading, lacrosse, cross country, basketball and more.

Can I have someone from Lead ‘Em Up rollout the Framework?

Absolutely. In fact we’d love to. Despite being able to roll out the program yourself, many coaches choose to have us come out and host a Campus Day or Training Camp and roll out the Framework with the team. If you’re interested in having us work with your athletes, email us at for more details and pricing.

What if I have multiple teams who want to access the Framework?
We have an athletic program option for $449 that you can select for multiple teams. For example, if you’re an Athletic Director (or maybe you oversee a youth sports organization) and want all your teams to gain access to the Framework simply purchase the Athletic Program package and you’ll receive a special username/password that allows multiple teams to access the materials.
What do I do with the Green Team kit?

The kit has all the Green Awards materials. In your online access in the Green Awards exercise, you will see the instructions on how to execute our Verification program, the MVG award and Green13 award nominations.

What if I don’t see the results?

First off, you will. If you roll it out as we’ve laid it out, you will see more committed, consistent and competitive athletes in 30 days. IF for some reason you do not see an increase in these three areas, email us at the end of the 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.

How are you able to guarantee the Framework actually works?

Great question! First off, we’ve been building the Framework since 2015 and during that time we’ve worked with thousands of teams across the country constantly tweaking, adjusting, and enhancing the Framework.

We’ve learned if you’re able to package together a clear vision with the right amount of shared language, sprinkle in elements of gamification and competition, layer in dual-levels of accountability, foster a spirit of player ownership through the process and show them how it will help them win, you will see players inevitably go ALL-IN.

And to quote our friend Coach Radigan, Head Football Coach of Francis Howell Central in St. Louis, “This Green Team Framework is like Leadership Cheat Code – they have figured out all the right buttons to push to get athletes leveling up”