Welcome to the Coaches Journey. This is a map that layout the path hat many of our successful coaches take …..

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Implimant The Green Team Framework

This is where your Lead “Em Up journey begins. The Green Team Framework is the foundation upon which everything in Lead ‘Em Up is built. Within 30 days of implementing the Green Team Framework your team will become more committed, consistent, and competitive. All it takes is 3 hours over 30 days and your team will have it’s leadership foundation in place.

Upgrade to the All-Access Coaches Membership

Once you have the Green Team Framework installed your next step is to upgrade to your full Coaches Membership. Here you will complete a Team Leadership Profile that will provide you with a team leadership score. Your custom Team Leadership Profile will provide you with three specific areas for team growth and provide specific exercises for you to improve the areas of need.

The Coaches Membership gives you full access to our dynamic library of resources and exercises, including our special 8-week Captains Course. The Coaches Membership provides you with everything, and we mean EVERYTHING you and your team need to develop into the leaders needed to win including:

  • New Content Releases
  • Our new shareable Player Resource Videos
  • Community Groups
  • Shareable player resources
  • Year-Long Support and Coaching Consultation
  • Continually Updated Resources and Exercises
Coordinate a Live Training for your team

Great coaches know they can’t do it alone and are always looking for ways to enhance what they’re doing.

Bring the power of a Lead ‘Em Up LIve Training to your team!

We view our relationship with you as a true partnership. When you coordinate a Lead ‘Em Up Live Training something special happens, you’re athletes begin to see and experience Lead ‘Em Up on a whole new level.

When your athletes experience a Lead ‘Em Up Live Training everything you’ve been building in your program will be reinforced. Your athletes will view it as a partnership and the experience will enhance every aspect of what you’re building in your program.

Lead ‘Em Up live training will explode your team’s growth. Take a look at what happened with the Frontier Girls Basketball program after they experienced Lead ‘Em Up. (link frontier case study)

Connect Lead ‘Em Up to your full Athletic Program

A candle loses no light by lighting another. You’ve been doing incredible work in your program and have experienced the results. Why keep it to yourself?

It’s time to connect your whole athletic department to Lead ‘Em Up. In our work with athletic departments across the country we have found that it is critical for athletes to experience Lead ‘Em Up in other sports. By experiencing Lead ‘Em Up other sports athletes will get the repetitions needed to continue their leadership growth. Too often athletes will go through Lead ‘Em Up in one season and then not hear about it again until the following year. When this happens, momentum is lost, and too often coaches feel like they have to start back at step one.

When multiple programs in the athletic department are teaching the Lead ‘Em Up curriculum your voice and message with your team will be enhanced. Your message will deepen and your athletes will be better equipped to lead at a high level when they are in your season.