Why do I need Lead ‘Em Up?

We believe leadership is a skill and like all skills, they need to be developed. Lead ‘Em Up gives you the tools to develop the skills of leadership & communication, both essential components to your team’s success, in a fun and engaging way with your players.

How many sessions are included in each Season?

We provide you 8-weekly sessions in each Season as well as a Starting Point week all teams must go through prior to beginning the program.

What is a “Season”?

A Season is our 8-week leadership curriculum that you’ll have access to after purchasing.

After you complete Season One there will be additional Seasons for you to continue with in future years with your team.

How long is each weekly session?

Each session is designed to be 50-minutes.

There is a clean halftime break (optional) at the 25-minute mark if you’d like to break it into two sessions.


What are the topics in Season One?

Season One topics include:


What is the difference between the $349 team cost and $1199 program cost?

The $349 program is for one individual team.

For $1199 we allow multiple users to access the account so the entire athletic program at the school (boys, girls, JV, Varsity, fall, winter & spring sports) can access the program.

For youth teams and organizations, please email us at [email protected] for your special pricing.

What happens if we purchase as a team and then decide to later rollout to the entire school?

At that point, email [email protected] and we’ll coordinate so you’ll only need to pay the remaining difference.

What age group is Lead ‘Em Up designed for?

Lead ‘Em Up is applicable for all levels but currently it’s only available for the High School and Youth market to purchase.  Grades 3-12 is the ideal range for the curriculum.

What are the available forms of payment?

We accept credit card or check. You can sign-up here.

How long does the purchase last for?

You will have access to the online curriculum for 1-year from the date of purchase.

When should I start the program with my team?

This will vary from program to program. We’ve seen Lead ‘Em Up be successful in various formats: utilizing it solely in-season (8-weeks in a row) or splitting it up and doing a few of the sessions during the offseason and then finishing the remainder in-season.

Who should I have take my team through the program each week?

This will vary from program to program.  It’s ultimately up to the head coach.  We encourage you to find the person connected to your team that has the biggest heart for your players leadership and character development.

This can be the head coach, an assistant coach, teacher within the school or an outsider who’s connected to your program.

Where should I do each session with my team at?

Location is key.

You ultimately can do them almost anywhere; gym, basketball court, classroom or locker room but to maximize the impact try to find a quiet, distraction-free, intimate space. If you’re forced to host the sessions on a field, try and move the group to a corner away from distractions and have the players look in the opposite direction of the distractions so they can focus on the speaker and activities.

If you think one player won’t be able to hear another player on the other side of the group, then you’ll want to make the group setting more intimate.

What does the curriculum look like?

You can read about the curriculum components, new updates and sign-up for a free preview by clicking HERE.

What do the games from game on look like?

game on’s cutting-edge, interactive exercises, fueled by the science of Game Dynamics, have been tried and tested with some of the most influential sport teams and organizations in the world. Each 15-20 minute exercise utilizes elements of role-play and improvisation to set up and reinforce the theme for each session. The result is an engaging, hands-on learning experience for your student-athletes with tangible outcomes to advance your team’s communication, teamwork, trust, and leadership goals.

What happens after our year purchase?

We hope at that point your team has grown through the first year of the program and you’re excited to have you continue on.

The following year you’ll purchase the next season which will have an all new set of lessons, game on games, Situational Training exercises, etc.