Lead ‘Em Up Update

Coaches & Players, It’s been a fun and impactful 18-months since we rolled Lead ‘Em Up out to market. We wanted to take a moment and share a summary of our growth and some new enhancements coming to our curriculum later this year. Through the first 18-months we’ve seen Lead ‘Em Up: be used by[…]

An important reminder about leadership development

There’s an important component to leadership development we all need to remember; leadership development is cumulative.  And in that cumulative process, the growth is often not seen until it’s seen. Leadership development with our players reminds me of developing skills with my 18-month old daughter Georgia.  For the past 18-months my wife and I have been[…]

Adam’s SCR Approach to Building Curriculum

Over the next month I’ll be completing the curriculum for Volume Two of Lead ‘Em Up, which goes on sale early summer. I’ve been asked by various people, “how do you go about building your curriculum?”  I’m happy to share my approach. Currently we have 48-subjects forecasted for Lead ‘Em Up; four 12-week volumes.  We completed the first[…]

Curriculum Preview

Welcome to Lead ‘Em Up Below is a free preview of a Lead ‘Em Up session. Each session is centered around a different theme; relationships is the theme for you in the preview. In Lead ‘Em Up, we provide you the training materials and you use the tools to lead your team. We hope you[…]