Welcome to Lead ‘Em Up. Here are a few helpful reminders:

  • Utilize the Coaches Guide to help you navigate the program. Its a helpful tool with instructions on where to start.
  • Begin game-planning how you’ll “Get to 12” – 12 Lead ‘Em Up sessions a year (full calendar year), each ranging from 30-50 minutes, is what we recommend, and what our coaches have shared produces the great impact
  • You can follow our suggested 12-session track or choose the exercises you want “a la carte” – year one coaches are recommended to use the suggested
  • 12-session track. Coaches who’ve used the program for years, feel free to organize your 12-sessions as you see fit.
  • Enjoy the Captains Course – an 8-part program for those special leaders to engage in together.
  • Have fun building your Green Team and #LeadEmUp

Tips, Guides, and Resources

Below are tips and guides to support you in teaching the Lead ‘Em Up Exercises as effectively as possible.

Coaches Playbook Cover

Exercise Guide

A quick overview of every Lead ‘Em Up Exercise

Webinar Archive

Language Guide

An overview of the language used in the Lead ‘Em Up Exercises

Coaches Playbook Cover

Get to 12

All your resources to help you “Get to 12” sessions with your team

Coaches Playbook Cover

Player Resource Videos

5 minute videos to share with your players to help strengthen their leadership mindsets

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Teaching Tips

9 teaching tips to maximize Lead ‘Em Up

Coaches Playbook Cover

Player Spotlight

### Do you have a player who deserves to be spotlighted? This is your chance. ###

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Six indicators to help you determine if your athletes are effectively going through the “Instillery” process and moving closer to winning

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Branding Kit

### All of the graphics logos, … ###

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Player Commitments

The 4 commitments each player needs to embrace to be successful leaders

Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive

Previous Lead ‘Em Up webinars in one place for easy access and reference. These are great resources for tips and, best practices on teaching Lead ’em Up

Green team Framework

Everything starts here. Think of The Green Team as the foundation for all of the other exercises. Everything is built on and out of it. To be the most successful with the program you should start here with every team.

Green Team
Green Team
Same Page
The Six
40 Red Dash
Green Awards



Thank The Passer
Same Page
Captains Course

Captains Course

The Course can be done at your desired speed, we suggest setting aside 30-mins a week, once a week for the next 8-weeks

Coaches Playbook Cover


### Get your posters, stickers and everything else to support your teams 10% off for Members! ###


Use the Player Growth Areas  to select the exercises that cover an area your team is in need of improvement in

Stay in the Loop

### Make sure to follow us to keep up with all things Lead ‘Em Up. ###

Private Facebook Group

This group is exclusive to the Lead ‘Em Up family; coaches, athletic directors, schools, and parents connected to Lead ‘Em Up.

Everyone in this group has a shared interest in impacting and developing young people.

On every platform, we use the hashtag #leademup so it is easy for you to find Lead ‘Em Up content. We also encourage all of our Members to do the same, that way you can see what other Lead ‘Em Up Coaches are up to, share who is getting Green Verified, celebrate wins together, or anything else you can think of.

Try it now!

Teaching Support

If you are ever in need of help or advice on any exercise please reach out to us below.