WHY IS…Staff Communication Important?

As coaches we know how important it is for our players to be good communicators. We understand how clearly we must communicate to our athletes. However, do we communicate effectively as a staff? It may come as a surprise, but there are coaching staffs across the country who have little to no communication.

Needless to say, that is not a healthy environment conducive to winning.

Winning programs have coaching staffs who have healthy levels of communication.

Here are four reasons to be intentional towards your staff communication:


  • Casts a vision – it’s impossible to reach a destination if you don’t know how to get there. Casting a vision for the program’s success is a must. It’s important this vision come from all staff members, not just the head coach. When all coaches feel connected to the vision, it makes the path to get there much easier.


  • Creates Culture – great culture is a byproduct of the coaching staff. If the communication levels are unhealthy or non-existent amongst the coaching staff, it will have carry over. Players sense when there is unity or lack thereof from coaches. Within great cultures all coaches feel heard and respected. As a result, players begin to take notice and follow the habits shown by their coaches.


  • Provides Support – the challenges of coaching are too numerous to list. Without a great support net it’s easy for coaches to feel defeated. In season, we spend more time with our fellow coaches than we do our own families. Knowing this, it’s vital we lift up and support each other. This type of support can only occur when communication levels are healthy between coaches.


  • Assures consistency – a trademark of winning programs is consistency. It starts in middle school,  and then progresses to freshmen, jv, and ultimately varsity. In winning programs coaches from each level have clear and continuous communication regarding the program’s vision and philosophy. Players are able to reach their full potential when they receive consistent coaching.

As you can see, great things will happen within your program when healthy communication exists amongst your coaching staff.




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