WHY IS… Enthusiasm Important?

I imagine most coaches understand why enthusiasm is important but do your players know why?

There’s four main reasons why enthusiasm is important: 


  • Makes the Team More Fun – everything is more enjoyable when there is an enthusiastic spirit in the room.  Think about those practices where everyone is alive, people are flying around, everyone is making noise and there’s an energy in the gym or on the field.  Those are fun!  Those are why we play sports. When we create those environments; we want more and more.  Compare that to those dead and lifeless practices that seem to just drag on; no one enjoys those practices.


  • Creates a Higher Level of Intensity – those spirited practices filled with energy and enthusiasm bring the best out of us.  We push ourselves harder, we compete at a higher level and everyone gives it all they’ve got.  As many say: “a quiet gym is a losing gym.”


  • It’s a Competitive Advantage for your Team – The competitive advantage begins before you start practice and carries through to your games.  Having an enthusiastic team will increase the attendance during all your offseason work.  It engages players to be more committed all through the season.  On gameday opponents take notice when they see their opponents have an enthusiasm that seems contagious.  It begins to play into their psyche that there’s something special with their opponents.


  • It’s Controllable – So much in sports is out of our control so it’s make the things within our control absolutely essential for us to not just be good at, but to dominate.  Enthusiasm is controllable.  You could be having the worst day of your year but if someone offered you $1K to have an enthusiastic practice; you’d flip the switch in an instant.  You owe to your team to bring the enthusiasm every single day regardless of the circumstances.


Make sure everyone on your team understands WHY Enthusiasm is so important!




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