WHY IS… Communication With Players Important?

Teams go as communication goes. Healthy teams can only become healthy teams when there is a foundation of healthy communication.

Poor communication will prevent a team from ever getting on the same page. There will always be disconnects if we don’t work on our commuication.

Great communication between coaches and players is necessary for a team achieve high levels of success.

There’s four main reasons why communication with players is important:

  • Provides Clear Expectations – Players can only reach their full potential if they undertand what is expected of them. When players have defined roles they are able to go out and execute to their best ability. Too often players are left wondering rather than fully understanding. The best teams are the best because all team members are on the same page working towards the same goal.


  • Builds Trust – Throughout the season tough converstations with players will inevitably come up. How we handle them as coaches go a long way towards establishing a healthy level of trust within our programs. How do we do this? Through Grace and Truth. Grace is when we show our players “love” despite them not “earning” or “deserving” any of it. You’re extending them grace. When we share the Truth it can be painful. If it’s the only thing present during communication with players it can create tension and dissent. To effectively communicate with our players we must balance grace and truth.


  • Increases Commitment – Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication. Each day is filled with opportunities to enhance your teams communication. As you know communication doesn’t just have to be verbal, but do your players know that? In our curriculum we share 8-Keys  to enhance every day communication. When players receive energetic and positive communication from their coaches, they naturally become more committed to the team and program.


  • Promotes Growth – Teams go as communication goes, and communication is the language of leadership. It is so important that we teach and model what effective communication looks like for our players. Teams break down when communication breaks down. As leaders it’s our calling to develop more leaders. It all begins with communication. As coaches we must be mindful of how we communicate to our players, and if our communication is promoting their growth.

Make sure your players understand WHY communication is so important.




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