Success Essentials

In order to achieve the success Lead ‘Em Up was intended to create, we believe these four components are essential for your success.

If you aren’t interested in building leaders and developing the character of your players, this program isn’t for you.  The level of your “care” will determine the level of “change” within your team.  As Coaches we don’t have the responsibility of developing our players, we get the opportunity to develop our players.  Is this something you care about?

You’re able to tell someone’s priorities by what’s on their calendar.  If you’re interested in building leaders and developing the character of your players then you need to commit to it.  Committing every week and in addition to having a “leadership coach” will both speak loudly to your team that this is an area we’re interested in developing.  Your commitment needs to come from the top down and needs to remain a focal point all season long.

The 30-min weekly session is the time where you get to put on your coaching hat and Lead ‘Em Up.  We’ll provide you all the materials you need to host the most effective session but it’ll require you (your Leadership Coach) to be prepared.  Schedule time at least 30-mins in advance to prepare so you’ll be ready to coach with confidence.  The Coach is a critical component.  Players attention spans can vary and their interest will waver at times so it’s important the Coach keeps the energy & enthusiasm high every week.

The Lead ‘Em Up program is only 30-minutes a week but there are exercises and assignments that carry through all week long.  Doing the 30-minute session alone is not enough.  You’ll need to continue challenging the players every day to keep getting better.  It’s not good enough to only be a leader in-season, it needs to be a lifestyle, in the same way its not good enough to think about leadership in your session only, it needs to be all-season long.

Have fun and #LeadEmUp